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Newsbox archive - November 2001

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November 30
SLAC celebrates 10th anniversary of 1st US website with Symposium: The Once and Future Web, Dec. 3 and 4

November 29
Where did all the Fermilab butterflies go?
Joint Experimental Theoretical Physics Seminar, Nov. 30: Black Holes at Future Colliders - G. Landsberg, Brown University

November 28
Theoretical Physics Seminar, Nov. 29: Magnetic Moment Solution to the Solar Neutrino Puzzle - A. Friedland, Institute for Advanced Study
Science Adventures at Lederman Science Education Center

November 27
Fermilab Colloquium, Nov. 28: Deconstructing Dimensions, Adventures in Theory Space - N. Arkani-Hamed
Pierre Auger Experiment: New Building Dedicated

November 26
New FermiNews is up (PDF version)
Audio of WBEZ program on "Superstring Theory and the Universe" (Nov. 20)

November 21
The August Mier arrowhead collection, a reminder of the prehistoric heritage of the Fermilab site is on display at the Lizzadro Museum, Elmhurst
Fermilab's Ritchie casts Perl before middle-school students

November 20
Dec 1, Fermilab Arts Series presents: The Christmas Schooner (limited tickets available)
Online exhibit: "Pulse - Accelerator Science in Medicine"

November 19
NuMI milestone, Nov. 19: After 2,800 feet, TBM breaks through to existing MINOS shaft NuTeV in BBC news, Nov. 16

November 16
FNAL/SLAC present at SuperComputing2001

November 15
CERN wins 2nd Internet chess challenge

November 14
This week: Fermilab and SLAC show ties between HEP and supercomputing at SC2001
Nov. 15: CERN and Fermilab play 2nd Internet chess match

November 13
Pierre Auger Observatory featured in Picture of the Week, Nov. 13
Colloquium, Nov. 14: Supernova Neutrinos, John Beacom, Fermilab
Memorial Service for Father Tim Toohig, Nov. 20

November 12
Afterglow makes Astronomy Picture of the Day, Nov. 12
NuMI excavation progress, Nov. 12: MINOS Hall one-third complete, TBM three-quarter way.
Fermilab Lecture Series, Nov. 16: The Importance of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Dr. Dan S. Kaufman, University of Wisconsin (Visitors permitted)

November 9
Fermilab-Cern Chess Match Update
New Plaza with Fermilab logo nears completion

November 8
Press Release: Afterglows the Hard Way: Fermilab Scientists Find the Glow Without the Burst--a First

November 7
Press Release: Neutrino Measurement Surprises Fermilab Physicists
Prairie burns resume
Arts Series, Nov. 10: Trio Voronezh. Visitors permitted.

November 6
Colloquium November 7: To the Edge of Gravity, Space and Time - N. White, NASA
About Fermilab Accelerators: Accelerator Magnets

November 5
Hastert Announces Fermilab Budget, Nov. 1
Chicago Tribune, Nov. 2: House approves Fermi budget
Fermilab Roads & Grounds employee, Bob Hall, dies at age 55
CERN and Fermilab to meet in big HEP chess collision on Nov. 8 and 15

November 2
Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee (PAC) meets Friday, November 2

November 1
About Fermilab Accelerators: Accelerator Water

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