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    Contest: Name a conference room in the IARC OTE Building

    The folks at IARC are holding a meeting room naming contest. The charge: Propose a name for the IARC third-floor southeast conference room, which seats 15 and has an uncharacteristic narrow, pointed shape; see picture.

    IARC's mission is to advance accelerator technology, so the name should be related to accelerators, innovation, inventions, patents or new ideas.

    The contest is open to Fermilab badge holders. The deadline for submissions is Friday, Aug. 28. The winning entry will be announced on Sept. 1, and the winner, chosen by committee, will receive a $100 gift certificate to Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora.

    Submit your submissions by email to Dawn Staszak, and enter "IARC conference room naming contest" in the subject line.

    Fermilab photos

    Look to the sky

    A rainbow arcs over the IARC building. Photo: Kathy Zappia, ESH&Q

    A double rainbow arcs over Fermilab. Photo: David Esterquest, ESH&Q

    The pre-storm sky is simultaneously dark and bright. Photo: Jamieson Olsen, AD

    These willows' thirst is about to be slaked. Photo: Benjamin Galan, TD

    The barn looks somehow smaller in stormy weather. Photo: Benjamin Galan, TD

    It's the moon! It's a plane! Photo: Valery Stanley, WDRS

    Yellow flowers are like sunrays from the soil. Photo: Patrick Sheahan

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