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Newsbox archive - August 2001

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August 31
Seminar August 31: Homestake as a Potential National Underground Science Laboratory – W. Haxton, University of Washington
New NuMI/MINOS webpages are now online
Butterfly walk September 4

August 30
Architecture at Fermilab: Feynman Computing Center and other landmarks

August 29
Seminar August 30: Lepton Flavor Violating Decays as Probes of Neutrino Mass Models – C. Savoy, Centre d’Etudes de Saclay
Re-routing traffic at Fermilab’s horseshoe area starting September 4

August 28
Inquiring Minds: A Timeline of Physics at High Energy
Architecture at Fermilab: Sculptures designed by Dr. Wilson

August 27
Budker Seminar, August 28: Development of high field magnets for VLHC at Fermilab – Vadim Kashikhin
Argonne to showcase Science and Technology at Open House, September 15
Architecture at Fermilab: Fixed Target Experimental Area

August 24
Seminar August 24: Electroweak Symmetry Breaking: Outlook from Snowmass - D. Gerdes, University of Michigan
Fermilab’s VMS Videostreaming: Lectures, Colloquia, Workshops, Snowmass 2001

August 23
Architecture at Fermilab: Robert Rathbun Wilson Hall
Update on the Wilson Hall Safety Improvement Project

August 22
Fermilab invites public to guided tours

August 21
Fermilab sets Run II record for luminosity and for antiproton stacking
Feynman Festival, August 22-23, at University of Maryland
Seminar August 21: Report from Snowmass – High Intensity Proton Sources, Hadron Colliders, Diagnostics – W. Chou, M. Syphers, R. Pasquinelli

August 20
Opportunity to sign up for the I-Pass program of the Illinois Tollway, August 21, 10:30 - 2:30, at Wilson Hall

August 17
Seminar August 17: Status Report of the Physics Beyond 1 TeV Scale Snowmass 2001 Working Group - J. Hewett, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and G. Landsberg, Brown University

August 15
Fermilab receives $1.28 Million in DOE SciDAC Awards for Advanced Computing Tools in Physics Research

August 13
Fermilab Singers meet every Wednesday

August 12
Meteor shower peaks on Sunday morning
Fermilab Colloquium August 15: The Young Physicists Panel Presents Results of the "Survey On The Future of HEP"
Fermilab Arts Series Presents August 11: "Inca Son- Music & Dance of the Andes" + Pre-Concert Talk

August 10
Seminar August 10: Physics Opportunities at Future Hadron Colliders: SLHC and VLHC

August 9
Chris Tolian’s prose poem, Joe Formaggio’s short story 2001 Fermilab Writing Contest winners
Lawrence labs celebrate 100th anniversary of Ernest Lawrence's birth August 8
Seminar August 9: Locally Localized Gravity and the Bending of Light – E. Katz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

August 8
NuMI project starts excavating MINOS Hall for near detector
Special Seminar August 8: Defensive Information to Counter Espionage – R. Semko, Interagency OPSEC Support Staff

August 7
Fermilab invites public to guided tours
Seminar August 7: Fermilab-Soudan2; Ideal Distance for Low Energy Superbeam? – H. Minakata, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Fermilab Employee Blood Drive August 79 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wilson Hall Ground Floor

August 6
Rick Borchelt appointed Director of Science Communication at DOE's Office of Science
Butterfly update July 2001

August 3
Science Adventure August 4: Create-A-Prairie
Seminar August 3: Quaero, Making HEP Data Publicly Available – B. Knuteson, University of Chicago

August 2
Seminar August 2: Deconfinement and Finite Temperature String Theory – S. Chaudhuri, Pennsylvania State University
Currently in Fermilab's Art Gallery: The Reality of Pretense: Recent Paintings by Ben Mahmoud

August 1
MiniBooNE horn receives its first full-current pulse, July 31
Colloquium August 1: Deformation Quantization: Quantum Mechanics Lives and Works in Phase-Space – C. Zachos, Argonne National Laboratory

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