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Newsbox archive - May 2001

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May 31
May 31 Line Drive talks:
1. Linear Collider Luminosity and Margins
2. Key Design Issues for Experiments at a Linear Collider
Fermilab Arts Series Summer Program

May 30
The story of Jessica the Magnet
Colloquium: Supernovae, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe. What Next? – S. Perlmutter, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

May 29
Ten fun things to do at Fermilab on Memorial Day weekend
Summer Lecture Series: Overview of Professional Life at FNAL - Maurice Ball, Fermilab
Fermilab’s Public Affairs sends out Snowmass 2001 press releases

May 25
Joint Experimental Theoretical Physics Seminar: Current B Physics at CLEO – J. Ernst, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
Fermilab Creative Writing Club presents 2001 Short Story & Poetry Contest for Fermilab employees, deadline May 31

May 24
Line Drive: High Energy Potential of a Linear Collider
On the Other Hand: Physics Without a Light Higgs Boson
Live Streaming video of Linedrive

May 23
Colloquium: Ice Ages and the Asteroid Belt: A Surprising Connection – R. Muller, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Fermilab’s Employee Arts and Craft now showing in gallery

May 22
Seminar: Fringe Field Effects and Optimal Symplectification of Maps - B. Erdelyi, Michigan State University
Large Scale Cluster Computing Workshop
Friends of Fermilab Annual Meeting features QuarkNet, RunII presentation
FermiNews story on QuarkNet

May 21
Lecture: The Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model - M. Carena, Fermilab
Daily Southtown cites Fermilab butterfly-man Tom Peterson and butterfly website

May 18
NuMI project: After 40 blasts, Carrier Tunnel is complete
Seminar: A New Precision Measurement of the Muon (g-2) Value at the Level of 1.3 ppm – R. Carey, Boston University
New streaming video series posted:
Monte Carlo Workshop April 18 - 20
Several talks from The Academic Lecture Series

May 17
Seminar: The Study of a Staged-Energy VLHC at Fermilab – P. Limon, Fermilab
Seminar: Tachyon Condensation in String Theory – F. Larsen, University of Chicago

May 16
Colloquium: Near Earth Objects: Finding Them Before They Find Us – D. Yeomans, California Institute of Technology
D-Lib Magazine writes about Fermilab website
National Employee Health & Fitness Day

May 15
Special Theoretical Physics Seminar: Holographic Dark Energy – S. Thomas, Stanford University

May 14
Seminar: Results from 2dF - K. Glazebrook, Johns Hopkins University
Opening: Employee's Arts and Crafts Show
Join Fermilab's Clean Up Day this Thursday, May 17

May 11
Happy Birthday Mr. Feynman! (5/11/1918 - 2/15/1988)
Seminar: Searching for Antiprotons in VHE Cosmic Rays Using the Milagrito Water Cherenkoc Detector
Fermilab International Film Society presents: The Cup

May 10
NALWO invites all Fermilab women for Prairie Walk
Line Drive: A Fermilab Series of Linear Collider Double Headers
Workshop on Structure Formation and Dark Matter

May 9
Colloquium: Are there fundamental Scalars? The Search for the Higgs and Supersymmetry in Run II – A. Turcot, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Fermilab Creative Writing Club presents 2001 Short Story & Poetry Contest for Fermilab employees, deadline May 31

May 8
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar: L. Teng, Argonne National Laboratory, FFAG – Phoenix in the History of Accelerators
Guide for foreign visitors now online
Scottish country dancers meet every Tuesday evening at Fermilab's Village Barn

May 4
The tunnel boring machine for the NuMI project started drilling

May 3
Line Drive Double Header - In Conjunction with Higgs Workshop
“Butterflies of Fermilab” is Featured Site for the May edition of, DOE's homepage

May 2
Fermilab Colloquium: Animal Communications Through Seismic Vibrations - P. Hill, University of Tulsa
Night and day shift moves Wilson Hall project forward
May 12, Fermilab Arts Series present: Percussion Group Cincinnati
Fermilab Arts Series Summer 2001 Program

May 1
Physics for Everyone: History of Discovery at Fermilab - L. Lederman, Fermilab Director Emeritus, at 12:00 in 1 West
Special Seminar: Albrecht Wagner, Director, DESY - TESLA, The Superconducting Electron-Positron Collider and Integrated X-Ray Laser Laboratory – Science, Technology and How to Proceed, at 4:00 in 1 West

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