UEC Statement

The Fermilab Users Organization is an organization of scientists and engineers currently engaged in advancing our understanding of the nature of matter and energy. These Users anticipate needing significant resources from the Laboratory to conduct basic research in particle physics, astrophysics, the development of accelerators and their inter-relationship. Its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of scientific and administrative matters relevant to the organization and functions of the Laboratory. In particular, it should play an important advisory role in determining the relationship of outside Users to the Laboratory and the support they will have in implementing their experimental programs.


Email: uec@fnal.gov

UEC Committee 2014-2015

Front Row: Fabio Happacher, Andre de Gouvea, Sandra Biedron, Linda Spentzouris,
Thomas Strauss, Bill Lee
Back Row: Fernanda G. Garcia, Bill Louis, Lee Roberts, Tulika Bose, Vivian O-Dell,
Jesus Orduna