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Current Status of Access to Fermilab

Broken Symmetry and Wilson Hall

A central corridor of public areas currently enables the public to visit much of the Fermilab site without the need for visitors' passes. The public areas include most of the recreational features of the site. A map showing the public areas is available online.

Visitors are able to enter the Fermilab site by car through the Batavia Road and Pine Street entrances. After presenting identification, most visitors will simply pass through the security checkpoint after telling the security officer the purpose for their visits. Roadways that are off limits to visiting members of the public are posted with signs, and motorists will be given site maps to guide them to the public areas.

The public areas include the Lederman Education Center and the ground floor and atrium of Wilson Hall, as well as Ramsey Auditorium. Signs tell visitors which areas of Wilson Hall are open to the public.

The Fermilab Security Plan identifies certain workspaces as "Property Protection Areas." (see map) Fermilab ID badges are required for entry into these areas. If a visitor needs to enter a Property Protection Area in order to conduct business at the lab or to meet with someone who works at the lab, he or she must obtain a temporary visitor's pass and wear it while inside the Property Protection Area.

For more information, call the Fermilab Office of Office of Communication at (630) 840-3351.

For guided tours, call (630) 840-5588.

Site Security Questions and Answers

Public Activities

Check the current security status of these individual programs:

Outdoor Activities

Buffalo Viewing

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Fermilab Seminars, Colloquia, and Academic Lectures

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Fermilab Art Gallery

Lederman Science Center

Folk and Barn Dancing

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