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Newsbox archive - April 2001

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April 30
36 x 36 bunches circulating around the Tevatron
Sunday at Ramsey's Auditorium: Wonders of Science Show
Seminar: Understanding Galaxy Formation - D. Weinberg

April 27
Fermilab's DASTOW 2001

April 26
Seminar: Recent Results from the KEK B-Factory, E. Prebys, Princeton University
Mission accomplished; Fermi grounds are cleaned up!

April 25
Colloquium: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for Imaging Body Chemistry
Fermilab's Computing Division joins other Central Computing Collaborators at HEPIX/HEPNT meeting in France

April 24
Seminar: 3D Simulation of High Intensity Beam Dynamics, R. Ryne (Lawrence Berkeley Lab)
This Friday: Lab wide party!

April 23
BBC News: US team steps up earch for elusive particle
Lecture: Back to Basics – Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking Inside and Outside the Standard Model, C. Hill, Fermilab

April 20
Open presentations of the Physics Advisory Committee

April 18
Fermilab's first baby bison of the season!
Join the Fermilab community on April 19 in a special lunchtime clean up!
Workshop on Monte Carlo Generator Physics for Run II at the Tevatron, April 18-20

April 17
Today and tomorrow: Book Fair in Wilson Hall Atrium
Special Seminar: CLIC as an Option for a Future Collider at CERN, A. de Roeck, CERN
DASTOW and Earth Day 2001

April 16
Sunday, April 15: Barn dance at the Kuhn Village Barn

April 13
Fermilab’s Employment Office is looking for an ASICs Design Engineer and a Project Manager Engineer
Fermilab Arts Series presents: Choreographer’s Showcase on April 21
April 26: application deadline for Fermilab Employees’ Arts & Crafts Show in Art Gallery

April 12
Seminar: Precise Predictions for Four-Fermion Production at Present and Future e+e- Colliders – D. Wackeroth, Rochester University
Expert explains Fermilab’s goose activity

April 11
This just in from the High Energy Candy Collider
The Cold Dark Matter Search experiment is currently being installed at Soudan, MN
Fermilab Colloquium: SETI@home: A Million CPU Years and Still No Ets - D. Anderson, University of California, Berkeley

April 10
Theoretical Physics Seminar: Large Lepton Mixing and Sterile Neutrinos – A. Smirnov, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste
Warm weather wakes up butterflies on Fermilab campus

April 9
Monday, April 9: Neutrino Seminar and Lecture
Sunday, April 8: Barn dance at the Kuhn Village Barn

April 6
Seminar: Progress on Studying Uncertainties of Physical Predictions due to Parton Distribution Functions
Fermilab Film Series present: Throne of Blood (Kumonosu jo)

April 5
DZero and CDF see collisions on April 3
Line Drive: The Tesla Proposal, R. Brinkmann, DESY

April 4
Tevatron achieved 1 x 8 collisions April 3 at 14:38
Colloquium: Scientific Fraud in the National Missile Defense Program – T. Postol, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The viewing area on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall will reopen in June

April 3
Brown Bag Seminar, Physics for Everyone: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey – C. Stoughton
Come join the "Silk and Thistle" Scottish country dancers tonight at Fermilab's Village Barn for a Tartan Day dance party
Other Folk and Barn dancing at Fermilab
April 7: Tornado and Severe Storm Seminar in Fermilab’s Ramsey Auditorium

April 2
Lecture: SUSY Lagrangians and Breaking, S. Martin, NIU (4/2/01)

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