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Newsbox archive - July 2001

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July 31
First plane of MINOS steel successfully erected at Soudan July 27

July 30
Summer Lecture Series, July 31: Detectors for Particle Physics – E. Ramberg, Fermilab
Fermilab Arts Series Presents, August 11: “Inca Son- Music & Dance of the Andes” + Pre-Concert Talk

July 27
CDMS begins cooldown of dilution fridge at Soudan, July 26

July 26
Fermilab’s DZero Collaboration Makes Data Available Worldwide, July 26

July 25
Seminar July 26: K_L -> pi0 gamma gamma and the Bound on the CP-Conserving K_L -> pi0 e+e-, F. Gabbiani, Iowa State University
Wilson Hall Safety Improvement Project - progress and plans
Quarks Go to Middle School: Beauty and Charm workshop

July 24
Web site contest in honor of Enrico Fermi
New detailed map of Fermilab!

July 23
Lepton/Photon Conference July 23-28, Rome Italy (provides webcast service)

July 20
July 20 Seminar: Effective Field Theory of the Pion-Nucleon Interaction - T. Becher, Cornell University

July 19
July 20, Fermi Buffalo Roast at Kuhn Barn
July 19, Determination of V_{ub} from Inclusive Semileptonic B-Decays - T. Becher, Cornell University
July 19, Morris and International Folk Dancing in Ramsey Auditorium

July 18
Computing Seminar: Analyzing ROOT Files in JAVA/JAS- T. Johnson, SLAC

July 17
Fermilab's online History and Archives Project
July 17, Summer Lecture Series: Neutrons Against Cancer - A. Lennox, Fermilab
Come out and join Fermilab's Clean Up Day this Thursday, July 19!
Snowmass 2001 talks on streaming video

July 16
Lederman Science Education Center Calendar of Science Adventures
Fermilab invites public to guided tours
Snowmass 2001 talks on streaming video

July 15
Art Gallery Reception and Ben Mahmoud Lecture July 13

July 13
Fermilab International Film Society presents: Gun Crazy Friday, July 13
Fermilab Arts Series presents: Del McCoury Band Saturday, July 14

July 12
Theoretical Physics Seminar July 12: Finite Width Effects in Top Production at the LHC - N. Kauer, University of Wisconsin, Madison

July 11
Art Gallery Reception and Ben Mahmoud Lecture July 13

July 10
Fermilab invites public to guided tours

July 9
Physicists find new, striking difference between matter and antimatter
Summer Lecture Series July 10: Neutrino Oscillations - F. Garcia, Fermilab

July 6
This Week at Snowmass 2001, July 9-13
Snowmass 2001 talks on streaming video

July 5
Press Release July 3: Science Weekend Offers Wonders for All Ages at the Snowmass Mall, July 7 and 8
Summer Lecture Series: The Universe as observed from Batavia – Rocky Kolb

July 3
CDF and D0 show live event displays

July 2
Monthly Butterfly Update
Sign up for butterfly-walk July 10
Ask-a-Scientist program reaches 500 visitors

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