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Newsbox archive - March 2001

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March 30
The tunnel boring machine for the NuMI construction moves into position for final assembly in the target hall
The latest streamed lectures

March 29
Seminar: Medium Effects for Terrestrial and Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations, G. Barenboim

March 28
Fermilab’s UEC physicists and graduate students meet with Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC
“Fermilab: ecco un sito modello” , article about new website in L’Espresso, online high-tech magazine from Italy

March 27
Fermilab’s Mechanical Engineer co-op student, Tom Neirynck, wins the Co-operative Student of the Year award from Northern Illinois University
Fermilab/JLab Workshop on Lattice QCD with Commodity Clusters

March 26
First observation of successful operation of the Tevatron Electron Lens on Friday, March 23rd
Fermilab’s Employment Office is looking for a ASICs Design Engineer and a Project Manager Engineer

March 23
Robot for CMS silicon strip project arrives at SiDet
March 30: Fermilab Lecture Series presents "Living with a Star", Solar Activity and its Effects on Earth and Our Technology - Dr. George Withbroe, NASA

March 22
New bird (Iceland Gull) added to the Fermilab site list bringing the tally up to 270 species

March 21
Colloquium : The Question of Absolute Space & Time Directions in Relation to Molecular Chirality, Parity Violation & Biomolecular Homochirality
Streaming video news program features activities from around the laboratory
Guide for foreign visitors now online

March 20
Quark Net continues
Employee Performance Recognition Awards to Weiren Chou for Proton Driver and Peter Garbincius for Ask-a-Scientist Program
Academic Lecture Series: SUSY Lagrangians and Breaking

March 19
Ph.D. researcher from Fermilab, now science teacher, takes Trinity School in South Bend, IN students to see experiments

March 16
Urban students from Notre Dame School for Girls have a day in the country at Fermilab
Seminar: Long Baseline Neutrino Experimentation: The Other Mixing Matrix
2nd International Workshop on High Energy Photon Colliders

March 15
Fermilab Series of Linear Collider Double Headers
Live streaming video of the program
Internships for Physics Majors Program at Fermilab, deadline March 15

March 14
Fermilab Colloquium: The Real Costs of Gun Violence – P. Cook, Duke University
Einstein’s 122th Birthday

March 13
Studiers have achieved 980 GeV circulating beam in the Tevatron
Western DuPage Special Education program brings high achievers to Fermilab
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar – Superconductor R&D at Fermilab

March 12
Seminar: LEP Operation and Performance with Electron-Positron Collisions at 209 GeV
Seminar: The Big View onto the TeV Sky
Hastert announces Scientific Center at NIU to help Fermilab develop future accelerator/detectors

March 9
Studiers have achieved 150 GeV circulating beam in the Tevatron
The Teacher Resource Center presents Science Resource Fair

March 8
Art Gallery opens with Paintings and Hot Glass
Diversity/ features Fermilab engineer Alexander Martinez features new Fermilab website

March 7
MiniBooNE: Installation of experimental equipment inside the detector tank
Colloquium: Development of High Temperature Superconductor Coated Conductors

March 6
Physics for Everyone, Brown Bag Seminar: The Theory of Relativity Speaker: H. Prosper, Florida State University
Larsen Middle School, Elgin visits Fermilab for Beauty and Charm Field Trip
Last major construction of Wilson Hall starts

March 5
Neighbors visit NuMI Open House

March 2
Seminar: New Results from BaBar

March 1
Collider Run II begins at the Tevatron
Fermilab rolls out all new website

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