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Newsbox archive - October 2001

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October 31
Annual Galileo Pumpkin Drop and related physics problem. Happy Halloween! Pierre Auger Observatory: 40 of 1,600 detector stations complete
Fermilab Accelerators: Accelerator Water
SDSS: Photo gallery

October 29
New Wilson Hall Plaza to be completed by end of November
Budker Seminar: Quench Protection of High-Energy Superconducting Magnets, 10/30 at 6 p.m.
Fermilab accelerators: History of the Tevatron

October 26
Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Photo gallery
Arts Series, Nov. 10: Trio Voronezh. Visitors permitted.
Fermilab accelerators: The History and Design of the Booster Accelerator

October 25
The story of the neutrino

October 24
Lecture Series: The Importance of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Nov. 16. Tickets $5. Visitors permitted.
Fermilab accelerators: Safety first when using liquefied gases

October 23
Nobel e-Museum: The Structure of Matter
Colloquium, Wed. at 4 p.m.: The Quest for Immortality

October 22
History of the Web at Fermilab
Use of Kerberos begins Oct 23. Video tutorial available.
Fermilab accelerators: The components of the Antiproton Source

October 19
A look back in time: discovery of the top quark in 1995
Fermilab accelerators: Coping with Shift Work

October 18
Safety, Environment and Health at Fermilab

October 17
Seminar - Thursday, 10/18 at 4 p.m.: M. Bhattacharjee, Lucent Technologies - "Electron Triggers and Prospects for Electroweak Measurements at DZero During Run II"
Fermilab accelerators: history of superconductivity

October 16
Video: "Physics for Everyone: The Connections between Quarks and the Cosmos" by Michael Turner
Fermilab Fire Department says "thank you." More than 8,000 dollars collected.

October 15
Fermilab physicist Thornton Murphy dies at age 63
Fermilab accelerators: history of low-temperature research

October 12
Arts Series: Suzanne Vega with band at Fermilab on Oct. 20. Visitors permitted.
Fermilab accelerators: history of the Nobel-Prize winning Cockcroft-Walton design

October 11
Streaming Video (4 min.): Sense of Scale

October 10
Colloquium, Wednesday at 4 p.m.: Electro-optical Detection of Charged Particles, D.M. Lazarus, Brookhaven

October 9
2001 Nobel Prize in Physics honors the creation of Bose-Einstein condensates
Streaming Video (6 min.): What detectors are and how they work

October 6
The August Mier arrowhead collection, a reminder of the prehistoric heritage of the Fermilab site is on display at the Lizzadro Museum, Elmhurst
Fermilab fire fighters ask you to "Fill the Boot" on Friday, October 12 to help families of NYC firefighters

October 5
New CDF website goes live
Fermilab Arts Series presents The Newport Folk Festival Featuring Suzanne Vega, with Bob Hillman Saturday, October 20, 2001

October 4
100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize
From Fermilab's History and Archives Project: Robert R. Wilson

October 3
Colloquium: Extra Dimensions (from the Bottom Up), C. Hill, Fermilab, 10/3 at 4 p.m.

October 2
Physics for Everyone: "The Search for Dark Matter" 10/2 at noon
Memorial service for Father Tim Toohig at SLAC 10/3

October 1
Enrico Fermi honored on stamp on the centenary of his birth
Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar: Black Holes, Dark Matter and Galaxy Evolution - D. Merritt, Rutgers University
Update on the Wison Hall Safety Improvements Project

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