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Newsbox archive - December 2001

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December 31
Tips for taking photos of fireworks. Happy New Year!

December 28
Visit the Fermilab Art Gallery on-line
Amazing snowflakes

December 27
Speaker Hastert attends contract signing of DOE and URA at Fermilab on Dec. 27
Fermilab scientists talk about the Goal of Physics on NPR

December 26
Speaker Hastert to visit Fermilab on Dec. 27 as DOE and URA sign new contract

December 21
Happy Holidays!
Santa at Nearly the Speed of Light

December 20
Fermilab's Steve Holmes appears on CNN Money Line, December 21, to discuss anti-matter applications

December 19
Spring 2002 Calendar of Science Adventures is out!

December 18
Santa at Nearly the Speed of Light

December 17
Fermilab Colloquium, Dec. 19: The Cosmic Ray Observatory Project: A Statewide Outreach and Education Experiment in Nebraska - D. Claes and G. Snow

December 14
New FermiNews is up
DOE's Decades of Discovery

December 13
President Bush Announces Intention to Nominate UCR Chancellor Ray Orbach (member of URA Board of Trustees) Director of Department of Energy Office of Science

December 12
Stanford Report: Bringing the Web to America, December 12, 1991
Fermilab introduces Sunday-afternoon Gallery Chamber Series

December 11
Seventh grade students describe scientists before and after a visit at Fermilab

December 10
Fermilab Colloquium, Dec. 12: Laboratory Astrophysics Using High Intensity Particle and Photon Beams - P. Chen, SLAC
NuMI milestone: TBM reaches end of MINOS Hall, completes its job.

December 7
Art Series proudly presents brand-new Fermilab Art Gallery website
Fermilab's Happy Holidays Recipe for a Safe Green Christmas Tree

December 6
Fermi Singers present a December concert, Dec. 10

December 5
Pierre Auger Project about to collect events
Fermilab sets up Community Forum

December 4
Fermilab Art Series reschedules Flute and Harp concert to May 4, 2002
Fermilab Colloquium, Dec. 5: National Missile Defense: What, When, and Why? - R. Garwin, Council on Foreign Relations and T.J. Watson Research Center
Brown Bag Seminar: The CDF Experiment - W. Wester, Fermilab

December 3
Seminar, Dec. 3: The Luminosity, Velocity and Mass Functions of Galaxies - M. Pahre, Harvard University

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