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Newsbox archive - September 2001

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September 28
All Fermilab employees and users invited for coffee, cake and Italian birthday song, Friday, September 28

September 27
Father Timothy Toohig, longtime Fermilab employee and lifetime friend of the laboratory died on September 25.
Press release September 26: Upgraded Fermilab Facility Saves Energy and Money

September 26
Fermilab employees and users needed to help out with prairie harvest, September 29. Other volunteers unfortunately not permitted.
Colloquium: The Scientist in the Crib: How Children Learn and What They Tell Us About the Mind

September 25
Budker Seminar, September 25

September 24
The September 29 Prairie Harvest, the Enrico Fermi Teachers' Workshop and children's birthday party have been postponed to a date to be determined.
Seminar: Reionization of the Universe – T. Theuns, Cambridge University
Fermi Film Fest at Fermilab September 24-27

September 21
Effective September 20, 2001: New Security Measures Limit Public Access

September 20
Batavia Memorial this Saturday

September 19
Seminar: Lattice QCD Calculations of Spectrum, fB and (possibly) the Quark-Gluon Plasma from the MILC Collaboration

September 18
Streaming video of NTF Anniversary Celebration, September 8

September 17
September 20: The last Clean Up Day of the season is on its way, come out and join the crew!
New exhibit on accelerators in medicine at Fermilab

September 13
Press Release: Fermilab Cancels Arts Series Opening Night Events, Saturday, September 15. Lederman Science Center Closed Saturday. Ask-a-Scientist Canceled.

September 11
Press Release September 12: New exhibit on accelerators in medicine at Fermilab

September 10
Physics for Everyone, September 11: The Connections Between Quarks and the Cosmos – M. Turner, University of Chicago/Fermilab
Fermilab Film Series present: One Day in September, September 14

September 7
Fermilab celebrates 100th birthday of Enrico Fermi on September 28 and 29
Fermilab Arts Series presents flute and harp concert at Opening Night on September 15

September 6
Seminar September 7: SNO Flies: The Solar Neutrino Problem Resolved – H. Robertson, University of Washington
Dinosaur Hunt at the Lederman Science Center, September 8
Calendar of Activities for the Public at the Lederman Science Center

September 5
Colloquium: Proton Therapy at Loma Linda and Around the World – G. Coutrakon, Loma Linda University
Currently in Fermilab’s Art Gallery: Paintings on Canvas and Crystal Mystery
Art gallery Reception and Artist Lecture, September 7, 2001

September 4
Milestone: Sunday, September 2, one year Ask-a-Scientist Program at Fermilab
Seminar September 4: Snowmass Report: Magnet Technology, Particle Sources, Muon Colliders - V. Kashikhin, N. Mokhov, D. Neuffer, Fermilab
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