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The John Bardeen Engineering Leadership Program is designed to provide full-time entry-level opportunities for outstanding engineering graduates who are interested in working in an environment of technology and projects that support cutting-edge research. Fermilab provides opportunities in the fields of electrical, electronics, radio-frequency systems, power distribution, magnets, RF cavities, mechanical, materials science and cryogenic engineering.

The program honors John Bardeen's revolutionary achievements as both a physicist and engineer.


Applicants must be recipients of a Master or Doctoral Degree in Engineering from an accredited institution and apply within three years of graduation or completion of a first postdoctoral position.

A thesis consisting of independent study must have been a significant part of the graduate degree. Degrees consisting of only classroom work do not qualify.

Candidates who rank in the top quarter of their graduating class will be considered favorably.

Term of Appointment

This Program provides successful candidates full-time employment without term limit.