Committees and Councils

The Fermilab directorate is advised by a number of committees and councils, including but not limited to:

Accelerator Advisory Committee
The Fermilab Accelerator Advisory Committee assesses and provides advice on topics related to the laboratory's accelerator physics and engineering programs. In particular, they advise on the delivery of high-power beams by Fermilab's accelerator complex, the laboratory's Proton Improvement Plan II, and Fermilab’s effort on LCLS-II, a SLAC-based project.

DUNE Resources Review Board
The DUNE Resources Review Board (RRB) is part of the international project governance structure for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). It was established to provide coordination among funding partners and oversight of DUNE. It is comprised of representatives of all funding agencies that sponsor the Projects, and of Fermilab management. The RRB provides focused monitoring and detailed oversight of the DUNE Collaboration, and also receives updates on the progress of LBNF, PIP-II, and SBN. The RRB receives periodic reports from both the Long-Baseline Neutrino Committee (LBNC) and the Neutrino Cost Group (NCG), which are review committees for DUNE charged by and reporting to the Fermilab Directorate. The LBNC reviews DUNE from a technical perspective, and the NCG reviews DUNE from a cost and schedule perspective.

Long Baseline Neutrino Committee
The LBNC is charged by the Fermilab Director to review the scientific, technical, and managerial progress, plans and decisions associated with the Fermilab Long Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) and the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). The committee also considers some specific aspects of the Short Baseline Neutrino (SBN) Program. The LBNC provides candid assessments for the Director that are also available to the LBNF and DUNE leaderships and to the funding agencies that support these international projects.

Physics Advisory Committee
The Program Advisory Committee consists of 14 distinguished members from the particle physics community appointed by the Fermilab director to serve four-year terms. The committee advises the director on the experimental program. In particular, the committee reviews proposals for new experiments at Fermilab, gives advice to the director about the optimization of the ongoing experimental program and about plans for the future program.

PIP-II Machine Advisory Committee
The PIP-II Machine Advisory Committee, known as P2MAC, reviews, monitors and offers advice on the PIP-II R&D program. PIP-II is a plan for a multimegawatt proton facility at Fermilab. P2MAC looks at the overall PIP-II strategy and concentrates on R&D areas deemed critical to PIP-II's successful implementation. It offers advice and recommendations on the appropriateness of the associated effort.

Community Advisory Board
The Fermilab Community Advisory Board brings together interested residents from the laboratory's neighboring communities. The board meets every two months and provides ongoing advice and guidance related to the future of the laboratory. The board gives feedback on proposed new projects, reviews planned construction activities, advises Fermilab on all forms of public participation and acts as a liaison with local organizations and communities.