Notable LBNF/DUNE/PIP-II achieved milestones

March 2019
International partners break ground on new state-of-the-art particle accelerator

January 2019
ProtoDUNE successfully demonstrates single-phase technology for DUNE

December 2018
United States and France express interest to collaborate on PIP-II and DUNE

December 2018
DOE and Italian agency collaborate on particle accelerator construction at Fermilab

September 2018
ProtoDUNE detector sees first particle tracks

September 2018
DUNE scientists receive NSF grant to tackle mass production of detector components

July 2018
DUNE collaboration publishes Interim Design Report for DUNE far detectors

July 2018
PIP-II receives CD-1 approval from the Department of Energy

April 2018
U.S. and India sign agreement

January 2018
UK ships its first large detector component to CERN for testing

October 2017
Ross shaft renovation at Sanford Lab is complete down to 4850-level

September 2017
Beginning of construction of large DUNE prototype detectors at CERN

September 2017
UK commits $88 million to LBNF/DUNE

August 2017
Contract awarded for LBNF/DUNE preconstruction services

August 2017
DUNE welcomes 1,000th collaboration member

July 2017
Groundbreaking for construction of LBNF/DUNE

June 2017
CERN begins operation of small DUNE prototype detector

May 2017
U.S. and CERN sign three new agreements

February 2017
DUNE collaboration expands to 30 countries

January 2017
Fermilab accelerator complex achieves milestone beam power for neutrino experiments

April 2016
Fermilab’s Latin American workshop brings together countries interested in DUNE

March 2016
Release of animation: How the LBNF/DUNE project works

February 2016
Start of operation of small DUNE prototype detector at Fermilab

December 2015
CERN and US sign agreement to increase collaboration on LHC, DUNE

October 2015
U.S. Department of Energy completes environmental assessment of LBNF/DUNE

June 2015
U.S. Department of Energy holds public meetings, seeks public input on construction and operation of LBNF/DUNE

January 2015
700 scientists join together and form DUNE collaboration