Contractor Assurance System

Fermilab's Contractor Assurance System (CAS) was developed to ensure that the laboratory meets the requirements and goals of our contract with the Department of Energy. CAS encompasses all of the contract requirements and work processes, both at the main site and all leased spaces, and provides a comprehensive system description for Fermilab's activities. Risks are identified, categorized and prioritized and resources are deployed to mitigate them accordingly.

Sixteen management systems under CAS generate relevant and reliable performance information that can be independently analyzed and confirmed. All stakeholders have access to information necessary to carry out their respective responsibilities:

  • Laboratory managers in delivering Fermilab’s mission;
  • the FRA Board of Directors in their oversight responsibility; and
  • DOE site and program offices in ensuring FRA performance.

This ultimately eliminates duplicative work, minimizes risk, provides transparency, drives the laboratory toward efficient operation and allows managers to focus on performance.

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