Doug Glenzinski

Deputy Director for Projects (CPO) (Interim)

As the Interim Deputy Director for Projects and Chief Project Officer, Doug Glenzinski is responsible for project management tools and oversight, and assures best practices are used that enable the successful execution of the laboratory's large suite of projects. The CPO works across organizational boundaries to facilitate the successful completion of the lab's portfolio of projects and programs alongside the lab's operational commitments. Most recently, Glenzinski served as deputy project manager and co-spokesperson for the Mu2e experiment. Prior to that he was a Wilson Fellow on the CDF experiment and held several leadership positions in the collaboration. He earned a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University and has served on a variety of committees and review panels including the HEPAP advisory panel for DOE and NSF and the LHCC for CERN. Glenzinski is a fellow of the American Physical Society.