Public Events

Cultural Events
The latest information on offerings from the Performing Arts Series, Fermilab Lecture Series and the Art Gallery.

Fermilab Education Calendar
The Fermilab Education Office offers many hands-on programs for K-12 students as well as tours and workshops for adults and teachers.

Tours and Programs
How to book a tour, meet a scientist and more.

Special Events
Open houses, community meetings, special exhibits...

Ask a Scientist
Once a month Fermilab offers special behind-the-scenes tours of its facilities. Throughout the program physicists answer questions and explain everything from the Higgs boson and the Big Bang to how a particle accelerator works.

Physics for Everyone lecture series
Learn more about how Fermilab scientists search the cosmos, examine the tiniest known pieces of matter and generally help to discover the secrets of the universe.

Fermilab offers a number of lectures that cover a wide range of topics presented by recognized world experts in their field.

Fermilab Colloquia
The Fermilab colloquia take place on Wednesdays and are open to the public.

Folk and Barn Dancing
Everyone is invited to dance at Fermilab.

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