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April 28, 2006
Annual gathering of the Fermilab Users Organization, May 31-June 1

From Fermilab Today:
-The particle physics report that captured national headlines: EPP2010
-2006 CTEQ Summer School set for July 1-9 in Rhodes

April 27, 2006
Chicago Tribune, April 27, 2006: Panel pushes particle machine:
Accelerator report leans to Fermilab

From Fermilab Today:
-Result of the Week: How to catch a gluino
New Fermilab Art Gallery exhibit starts tomorrow

April 26, 2006
EPP2010 Press Release

From Fermilab Today:
-Physicist joins National Academy of Sciences
-CMS counting down to first LHC collisions

April 25, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-NALWO hosts Indian cooking demonstration at Chez Leon
-Director's Corner: Whereas

April 24, 2006
U.S. Particle Physics Report to be Released April 26
From Fermilab Today:
-Argonne and Fermilab sign agreement, anticipate State funding
-Safety Tip of the Week: Hand safety

April 21, 2006
Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab sign collaborative agreement aimed at multi-billion-dollar project; Governor Blagojevich proclaims Illinois Particle Accelerator Day
From Fermilab Today:
-Big magnet has to come out
-Governor proclaims April 21 as Particle Accelerator Day

April 20, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-Result of the Week: Search for "brand Y" Supersymmetry
-EPP2010 report - April 26

April 19, 2006
P5 meeting, April 18 and 19
From Fermilab Today:
-New panel needs honest input for improved safety
-Fermilab: E-cycling "Star"

April 18, 2006
Fermilab Offers Tours of Antimatter Production Site, April 23 and May 21

From Fermilab Today:
-P5: Today and tomorrow
-Director's Corner: Severe weather

April 17, 2006
Enroll your child in Fermilab's Science Adventures!

From Fermilab Today:
-Layer 0: Stuck between silicon and a hard place
-Uneven surfaces

April 14, 2006
Come and see Fermilab's baby buffalo

From Fermilab Today:
-Fermilab educators lead e-Lab outreach in Bangalore
-What's on your wall? Snapshot a la chalkboard

April 13, 2006
Watch NOVA's slideshow of neutrino detectors around the world

From Fermilab Today:
-P5 meeting April 18-19: Neutrinos and dark matter
-Result of the Week: DZero: Looking for new physics with light

April 12, 2006
Press Release:
Fermilab Offers Tours of Antimatter Production Site, April 23 and May 21

From Fermilab Today:
-Life before the lab: A family history
-Symmetry magazine wins Golden Trumpet for 2006

April 11, 2006
Press Release:
Fermilab's CDF scientists present a precision measurement of a subtle
dance between matter and antimatter

From Fermilab Today:
- Director's Corner: The Secretary's visit

April 10, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
- Bodman addresses safety, the ILC, and the future of U.S. science
- Safety Tip of the Week: Watch out for the geese

April 7, 2006
Energy Secretary visits Fermilab

From Fermilab Today:
- Severe Weather Seminar with Tom Skilling tomorrow, Apr. 8
- Message about safety

April 6, 2006
Learn about accelerator science in medicine

From Fermilab Today:
- Fermilab's zebra mussels: Visiting without a pass
- Fermilab Result of the Week: Over the top

April 5, 2006
Academic Lectures: The Smooth Universe

From Fermilab Today:
- Energy Secretary to visit Fermilab Friday, April 7
- Science of Good and Evil, lecture Friday, April 7

April 4, 2006
Science Adventure - Spiders: Spinners of Silk
grades K-2, April 8
From Fermilab Today:
- ILC reviews at Fermilab
- Director's Corner: Striking Paydirt

April 3, 2006
Tornado and Severe Weather Seminar
with Tom Skilling
From Fermilab Today:
- Energy Secretary to Visit Fermilab Friday, April 7
- Safety Tip of the Week: Insulating gloves


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