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January 2006


February 28, 2006
Fermilab Colloquium on March 1: Is Cosmic Acceleration Telling Us Something about Gravity?
From Fermilab Today:
-Lederman Fellows: Bringing Physics to the Community
-Director's Corner: Play in Three Acts

February 27, 2006
Fermilab Film Series presents: Ran, March 10, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-G.P. Yeh Helps to Realize Okinawa Physics Institute
-Safety Tip of the Week: ES&H Crossword

February 24, 2006
Ask a Scientist Guided Tour
March 5, 2006, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM: "Superstrings, Black Holes and Einstein" presented by Mark Jackson, research associate in astrophysics
From Fermilab Today:
-Cause for Celebration: 7 Completed Magnets Will Boost Main Injector Beam
-MIPP Experiment Nearly Finished with First Run

February 23, 2006
Innovations in Irish Music: Lunasa and The Karan Casey Band
will perform March 18 at Fermilab.
From Fermilab Today:
-Katrina Memories Still Vivid for Lab Firefighters
-First 1-fb-1 Physics Result at a Hadron Collider

February 22, 2006
Artist Reception for "Fertile Ground," 5-7 p.m., March 10
From Fermilab Today:
-MINERvA Recycling Effort Taps Many Lab Resources
-Meet Dr. Baker, Medical Director of Neutron Therapy

February 21, 2006
NALWO Folkdancing Potluck: February 25, 6:00 p.m.
From Fermilab Today:
-Remembering Jane Wilson
-Director's Corner: Kids of all ages

February 20, 2006
Gender, Lies and Videogames: The Truth about Females and Computing. Colloquium given by Maria Klaw of Princeton University, Feb. 22.
From Fermilab Today:
-Engineers’ Week Gearing Up
-Safety Tip of the Week: Water cooler bottles

February 17, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-GSA to Co-host Formal Winter Ball, Sat., Feb. 25
-Stacking Record Will Deliver High Luminosity to Tevatron

February 16, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-Result of the Week: W Bosons light up the Standard Model
-Cooling Tower Installed as Final Compressor Upgrade

February 15, 2006
Press Release: U.S. Researchers Put Global Science Grid to the Test
From Fermilab Today:
-MINERvA Takes Point-Blank Aim at Neutrino Mysteries
-Apply Now for 2006 HCP Summer School Session
-In Memoriam: Jane Scheyer Wilson

February 14, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-CMS Sees First Cosmic Rays
-Director's Corner: Lemons to lemonade

February 13, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-Lab, Community, Economy: An Interconnected Vitality
-Safety Tip of the Week: Deep Vein Thrombosis

February 10, 2006
From Fermilab Today:
-Policy Makers Laud New Initiative at URA Meeting
-URA and University of Chicago Press Release, February 9, 2006: URA and The University of Chicago Announce Partnership for the Management of Fermilab

February 9, 2006
Family Open House, February 19
From Fermilab Today:
-Lootens Passes Torch after 12-year Term at ELM
-Result of the Week: A Tale of Two Tags

February 8, 2006
Family Open House, February 19
From Fermilab Today:
-Konigsberg Assumes New Role as CDF Spokesperson
-Andrea Silvestrelli, Basso-Baritone, Sings Tonight

February 7, 2006
Family Open House, February 19
From Fermilab Today:
-DOE FY07 Budget Request Has $775 Million for HEP
-Director's Corner: Rising Above the Gathering Storm

February 6, 2006
The New World of Neutrino Physics, part I seminar February 7 – 16, given by Boris Kayser of Fermilab.
From Fermilab Today:
-Fermilab "Best in Class" for Program to Reduce E-waste
-Safety Tip of the Week: Eye Safety Month

February 3, 2006
Sloan Digital Sky Survey featured on American Museum of Natural History website
From Fermilab Today:
-DOE Press Release, February 2, 2006: U.S. Department of Energy Requests $4.1 Billion Investment As Part of the American Competitiveness Initiative
-Ruth Pordes Elected OSG Executive Director

February 2, 2006
Family Open House, February 19
From Fermilab Today:
-Result of the Week: Neutrinos and the Light Higgs Boson at DZero
-In the News: White House Press Briefing on American Competitiveness Initiative: Remarks by Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman

February 1, 2006
Stars of Lyric Opera To Perform at Fermilab , Feb. 8
From Fermilab Today:
-Challenge for Spokespeople: Bloom Where You're Planted
-First Antineutrino Event Recorded at MiniBooNE


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