Tau Neutrino at Fermilab
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The Story of the Neutrino

Its own inventor doubted if anyone would ever see it. Two thirds of a century ago, physicist Wolfgang Pauli postulated a new particle to explain the apparent nonconservation of energy in radioactive decays. But the theoretical particle he described had properties that made it so elusive that even Pauli wondered whether anyone would ever observe it.

Past neutrino experiments have helped establish the validity of the Standard Model of particle physics, the theoretical framework that provides our best explanation of the basic properties of matter. The first direct evidence for the tau neutrino is the latest milestone.

Future neutrino experiments promise not only to tell us more about the nature of the neutrino itself, but also to illuminate the path toward new physics beyond the Standard Model.

Loners of the Universe: Why Neutrinos are Hard to Detect

Historic Events in Neutrino Physics