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Relativistic - Albert Wants To Win Half of the Kingdom

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Once upon a time, there was a princess Little Beauty living in a certain Kingdom. It was time for her to get married. There were two princes to choose from. The first prince, named Arthur the Muscle, was the son of the King of the West. The other prince, called Albert the Smart, was the son of the King of the East. Arthur the Muscle, was an athletic young man, doing all kinds of sport activities, while Albert the Smart was a physicist! Little Beauty decided to set up a competition.

She loved strudel, so Little Beauty decided to choose as her husband the prince who was able to fit the longest strudel in the throne room.

Both of the princes heard the criterion, carefully measured the throne room.

Arthur the Muscle, measured the room and determined that the longest strudel that would fit would be 50 meters. So he started baking.

Albert the Smart remembered the relativity class he took. He placed two doors on opposite sides of the throne room. Then he made sure that the criterion for the contest specified that whoever placed the longest strudel between the doors when they were both closed would be the winner. After that, he baked a 500-meter-long strudel and said that he was going to put it behind the closed doors even if the distance between the doors was 50 meters.

Did Albert the Smart accomplish the fear and win the competition? Please find out on the next page.

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