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Academic Lecture Series
Spring Training in Neutrino Physics
Spring 2003 - Schedule of Lectures

This Academic Lectures Series is scheduled in coordination with the Nu Horizons lecture series. The lectures will provide a solid background for the Nu Horizons lectures and other discussions of the future neutrino program at Fermilab.
Tuesday, March 18
Tuesday, March 25
Introduction to Neutrino Oscillations

Andre de Gouvea, Fermilab
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Tuesday, April 22
Tuesday, April 29
CP Violation in the Neutrino Sector

Stephen Parke, Fermilab

Tuesday, May 6
The See Saw, and Neutrino Mixing and Oscillation

Boris Kayser, Fermilab

Tuesday, May 13
Majorana Neutrinos, Majorana Masses, and Double Beta Decay

Boris Kayser, Fermilab

Tuesday, May 20
Neutrino Puzzles and Leptogenesis

Boris Kayser, Fermilab

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Nu Horizons Lecture Series

All lectures are at 10:30 am in Curia II. Everyone is welcome.

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