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Nu Horizons: Neutrinos Off the Axis
Spring 2003 - Schedule of Lectures

Thursday, March 13
Atmospheric Neutrinos in the Age
of Long-Baseline Experiments

Ed Kearns, Boston University
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Thursday, March 20
Solar Neutrinos: Current Implications
and Future Possibilities

John Wilkerson, University of Washington
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Thursday, April 3
The Neutrinos: What Have We Learned
and What Would We Like to Find Out?

Boris Kayser, Fermilab
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Thursday, April 17
Current Long-Baseline Experiments

Stan Wojcicki, Stanford University
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Thursday, May 8
The Future of Reactors in the
Quest for Neutrino Oscillations

Giorgio Gratta, Stanford University
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Thursday, May 29
The JHF to Kamioka Neutrino Project

Takaaki Kajita, ICRR University of Tokyo
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The BNL Long-Baseline
Neutrino Project

Milind Diwan, Brookhaven National Laboratory
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Friday, May 30
The NuMI Off-Axis Detector Project

Gary Feldman, Harvard University.
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Academic Lecture Series - Spring Training in Neutrino Physics

All lectures are at 3:30 pm in the One West Conference Room. Refreshments will be served following the lectures.

Questions? Call Michelle Gleason at (630) 840-8062,

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