Fermilab's Plan for the Future



State of the Laboratory

Fermilab's current research program includes several world-class experiments that address the most challenging questions about the fundamental physics of the universe. The laboratory's R&D program is developing plans and the technology for new experiments at the Intensity Frontier.

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Moving Forward

In 2013, Fermilab will start up its upgraded accelerator complex, which will feature more powerful particle beams that will support a range of new and existing experiments at the Intensity Frontier. The laboratory will advance its plans for new large-scale projects: the proposed Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment and Project X.

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Fermilab's Future

Groundbreaking for the proposed Project X accelerator and the LBNE neutrino experiment could be around 2015, with the projects up and running around 2020. The two projects would provide scientists the best research and discovery opportunities at the Intensity Frontier in the world.

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Plan for Discovery

What does the future hold for Fermilab? The laboratory's scientific strategy for the next two decades encompasses a suite of experiments and accelerator facilities that keep the laboratory, and the United States, at the forefront of particle physics research.

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Frontiers of Particle Physics


At Fermilab, a robust scientific program pushes forward on three interrelated frontiers. Each has a unique approach to making discoveries, and all three are essential to answering key questions about the laws of nature and the cosmos.

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Frontiers of Discovery

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