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Monday, June 30

  • From symmetry: Computing power for all
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: Safe and happy Fourth of July
  • Milestone: New employees - June
  • Photo of the Day: Prairie prancers
  • From Berkeley Lab News Center, June 26, 2014: Not much force: Berkeley researchers detect smallest force ever measured
  • From CNRS, June 20, 2014: NEMO closes in on neutrino mass

Friday, June 27

  • Physics in a Nutshell: Subatomic traction
  • Frontier Science Result: DES: Dark Energy Survey discovers exotic type of supernova
  • Video of the Day: MicroBooNE detector move
  • Photo of the Day: View from the desk of an intern
  • From the Royal Astronomical Society, June 21, 2014: All the sky — all the time: UK astronomers debate involvement in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)

Thursday, June 26

  • Special Announcement: All-hands meeting - Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in auditorium
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: Close but not equal
  • Vicky White marks end of tenure as COO
  • Photos of the Day: Users Meeting 2014
  • In Brief: Fermilab users: changes in obtaining and renewing a Fermilab badge
  • From Science News, June 23, 2014: It's almost time to get to know the Higgs boson better
  • From UChicagoNews, June 19, 2014: Scholars and scientists explore factors underlying serendipitous discoveries

Wednesday, June 25

  • From DOE Pulse: Supercomputers help answer the big questions about the universe
  • From the Center for Particle Astrophysics: High five from P5
  • In Brief: Edward Tufte exhibit closes Thursday
  • Photo of the Day: Two on the ledge
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 24
  • Correction: Photo of welder
  • From San Jose Mercury News, June 22, 2014: Particle physics: U.S. should not cede research leadership to other nations

Tuesday, June 24

  • Press Release: Massive MicroBooNE particle detector moved into place; will see neutrinos this year
  • Photo of the Day: Welding it shut
  • In Brief: DASTOW posters available in Wilson Hall atrium
  • Correction: Styrofoam cups used in U.S.
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, June 19, 2014: House FY 2015 DOE Office of Science Appropriations Bill
  • From Physics, June 19, 2014: Focus: Theorists weigh in on BICEP2

Monday, June 23

  • IARC construction prepares buildings for 2015 occupancy
  • Tip of the Week: Sustainability: Looking at life cycles
  • Photo of the Day: Five on four wheels
  • From The New York Times, June 17, 2014: Assessing Fukushima damage without eyes on the inside

Friday, June 20

  • In Brief: Users Executive Committee accepting membership nominations through June 27
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Slicing parameter space with a razor
  • In Brief: DASTOW takes place today
  • Photo of the Day: Queen bee's followers
  • From Nature, June 18, 2014: Quantum method closes in on gravitational constant
  • From Physics World, June 18, 2014: Entangled clocks could provide accurate world time standard

Thursday, June 19

  • From symmetry: The supersymmetric bet
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Shedding light on forward muons
  • Photo of the Day: Tucked away inside its shell
  • In Brief: Illinois Teacher of the Year Pam Reilly visits Fermilab
  • In Brief: Performance reviews due July
  • From Discovery News, June 17, 2014: Dark matter mystery deepens

Wednesday, June 18

  • From symmetry: Science and nature
  • From the Fermi Site Office: Working together to drive discovery
  • In Brief: DASTOW on Friday
  • In Brief: Fermilab participates in DOE Twitter chat on particle accelerators today at 1 p.m.
  • Photo of the Day: Wood betony
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 17
  • From Chicago Tribune, June 16, 2014: Wheaton Warrenville South science teachers lead 2nd annual Modeling Methodology of Science Instruction Workshop

Tuesday, June 17

  • P5 committee members address questions on report
  • From the Associate Laboratory Director for Operations Support: Aligning our campus strategy and scientific mission
  • In Brief: "Particle Fever" screens in Ramsey Auditorium - Friday
  • Photos of the Day: Through the bubble chamber
  • From Chicago Tribune, June 13, 2014: Summer reading kickoff motivates children to improve science literacy
  • From Physics Today, June 2014: Confirming antihydrogen neutrality with voltage bias

Monday, June 16

  • IPPOG involvement: forum for idea exchange
  • Tip of the Week: Ecology and Environment: The new look of Fermilab's eastern lakes
  • Photo of the Day: Killdeer, bok choi and basil
  • From symmetry: Researchers imagine the accelerators of the future
  • From Nautilus, June 12, 2014: 10 reasons why you can't live without a particle accelerator

Friday, June 13

  • Physics in a Nutshell: Spinning muons
  • Frontier Science Result: Liquid-Argon Purity Demonstrator: Ultra-pure liquid argon for future neutrino experiments
  • Photo of the Day: Vulture at the Aerie
  • This Day in Fermilab History: June 15, 1967: the lab's beginning
  • From Physics, June 9, 2014: Viewpoint: Top quarks go solo in rare events

Thursday, June 12

  • Special Announcement: Fermilab Users Meeting - today in Ramsey Auditorium
  • Press Release: Kids invited to Wave Like a Particle and Swing Like a Neutrino at new outdoor exhibits
  • Hasan Padamsee takes over as head of Technical Division
  • Video of the Day: Big mysteries: extra dimensions
  • Photos of the Day: Snapping turtle plods along
  • Death: In memoriam: Linda Alsip
  • Special Announcement: Interior window washing at Wilson Hall - June 16 - 23
  • From Physics World, June 11, 2014: EXO-200 narrows its search for Majorana neutrinos

Wednesday, June 11

  • Special Announcement: Fermilab Users Meeting - today in Ramsey Auditorium
  • From the CMS Center: Getting ready for the second run of the LHC
  • Joe Grange receives 2014 URA Thesis Award
  • Photo of the Day: Blooming apple tree
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 10
  • From Scientific American blog, June 9, 2014: Physicists look beyond the Large Hadron Collider, to the Very Large Hadron Collider

Tuesday, June 10

  • Marcelle Soares-Santos wins 2014 Tollestrup Award
  • Director's Corner: Communicating and implementing P5
  • Construction Update: Cryogenic tank installed at MC-1 Building
  • Photos of the Day: Tree swallow in the garden
  • From Physics Today, June 2014: Sharing stories about science

Monday, June 9

  • William Colglazier: Science is a tool of diplomacy
  • Tip of the Week: Cybersecurity: Self-inspection for security
  • In Brief: ASTA Users Meeting - today and tomorrow
  • Photo of the Day: Color purple
  • From Physics Today, June 2014: A confluence of anniversaries

Friday, June 6

  • Milestone: Stanislav Tokar named Scientist of the Slovak Republic for 2013
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Connecting the dots
  • In Brief: Dennis Overbye moderates webcast panel discussion - today at 12:30 p.m.
  • From Computing Bits: Network upgrades: building a superhighway
  • In Brief: Exterior window washing at Wilson Hall - June 9-13
  • Photo of the Day: Catching the sun
  • From Nature, June 4, 2014: Particle physics: The hunt for Majorana neutrinos hots up
  • From NPR, June 3, 2014: How atomic particles helped solve a wine fraud mystery

Thursday, June 5

  • DZero looks back, looks ahead during collaboration meeting
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: A new look at W+jets
  • Photo of the Day: Sunset over Fermilab
  • Milestone: John R. Buckley celebrates retirement after 35 years at lab
  • From symmetry: More than math
  • From, June 3, 2014: CERN's ALPHA experiment measures charge of antihydrogen

Wednesday, June 4

  • From symmetry: MINOS result narrows field for sterile neutrinos
  • From the Particle Physics Division: Experiment Installation Group's tools of the trade
  • Press Release: Bison, birds and bugs at Fermilab's Family Outdoor Fair on June 8
  • Milestone: Michelle Gleason retires after four decades at Fermilab
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 3
  • Photo of the Day: Work on wood
  • From Chicago Tribune, May 29, 2014: Chicago area wins preferred status for federal investment

Tuesday, June 3

  • Anna Grassellino receives $2.5 million DOE award for research on SRF cavities
  • From the Chief Operating Officer: One Lab supporting science
  • Photos of the Day: Red-winged blackbirds
  • In Brief: PIP-II collaboration meeting - today and tomorrow
  • Construction Update: MicroBooNE time projection chamber sealed
  • Milestone: After 40 years at Fermilab, Lupe Ponce retires Friday
  • From The Hindu, May 30, 2014: INO completes R&D for particle detector
  • From Daily Herald, May 28, 2014: Village Theatre Guild show mixes love, quantum mechanics

Monday, June 2

  • Milestone: NOvA near detector sees first neutrinos
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: Don't let Mother Nature spoil your summer fun
  • In Brief: Tim Meyer, new COO, starts today
  • Lessons from license plates
  • In Brief: Feynman diagram art exhibit gets a new addition
  • Photo of the Day: Spiny softshell sops up sun
  • From New Scientist, May 28, 2014: It's crunch time for dark matter if WIMPs don't show
  • From Nature, May 29, 2014: 'No evidence for or against gravitational waves'
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