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Friday, May 30

  • Physics in a Nutshell: What is a jet?
  • Frontier Science Result: DES: The Dark Energy Survey looks at massive galaxy clusters - and finds filaments
  • Photo of the Day: In the garden
  • In Brief: FIFE Offline Computing Workshop, June 16-17; new FIFE documentation available
  • In Brief: Science Next Door June newsletter now online
  • From The New York Times, May 29, 2014: Nine scientists are awarded Kavli prizes

Thursday, May 29

  • Eric Dahl receives DOE award to develop hybrid dark matter detector
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Double parton interactions – four times the charm!
  • Photo of the Day: Phlox to enjoy on site
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: June wellness offerings and fitness classes
  • From Physics World, May 23, 2014: US particle physics panel presents plan for the future
  • From Science, May 22, 2014: New plan for U.S. particle physics: go international

Wednesday, May 28

  • Special Announcement: All-hands meeting – today at 9:30 a.m. in Auditorium
  • From FESS: Modernizing our power infrastructure
  • From Quantum Diaries: Out with the old: Fermilab accelerator magnet adorns Google Chicago's office
  • In Brief: Queen's University researchers visit Fermilab
  • Photo of the Day: What happened to this spider?
  • ESH&Q weekly report, May 27: Safety Update
  • From The Christian Science Monitor, May 20, 2014: How to make matter from light? Physicists propose ingenious tool (+video)
  • From WFMT, May 25, 2014: The Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams

Tuesday, May 27

  • 47th annual Fermilab Users Meeting pays tribute, looks forward - June 11-12
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Half-life of the Higgs boson
  • Death: In memoriam: James Walton
  • Photo of the Day: Li'l land lobster
  • From symmetry: Physicist turned 'rocket man' looks to the sky with SpaceX
  • Construction Update: Progress on electrical, mechanical systems in west remote operations center
  • Milestone: New employees - May
  • From the Associated Press, May 22, 2014: Physics panel to feds: Beam us up some neutrinos
  • From Sanford Underground Research Facility's Deep Thoughts, May 20, 2014: LUX cools down for new run

Friday, May 23

  • From symmetry: Proposed plan for the future of U.S. particle physics
  • Director's Corner: A new plan for U.S. particle physics
  • Photo of the Day: Memorial Day
  • From Chicago Tribune, May 22, 2014: Report champions $1 billion effort to make U.S. a neutrino science hub
  • From New Scientist, May 22, 2014: Neutrinos top list of targets for U.S. particle physics

Thursday, May 22

  • Special Announcement: All-hands meeting - May 28
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: Is the top hiding a charged Higgs?
  • The science of love: local theater group performs play set at Fermilab
  • Photo of the Day: Coyote sleepy
  • In Brief: Pioneer Cemetery walk
  • From Science News, May 18, 2014: Proposed experiment would create matter from light

Wednesday, May 21

  • Jim Hirschauer receives DOE award to search for supersymmetry
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: Fifty years of colliders
  • Death: In memoriam: David Wildman
  • From symmetry: The search for dark matter at the LHC
  • Photo of the Day: Blooming hepatica
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, May 20
  • From, May 20, 2014: Cosmic anniversary: 'Big bang echo' discovered 50 years ago today

Tuesday, May 20

  • Special Announcement: Employee Health and Fitness Day - today on Main Ring Road
  • From the Chief Information Officer: Strengthening the laboratory
  • Karol Lang is new MINOS+ co-spokesperson
  • In Brief: French attaché for science and technology, former CERN Council president pay visit
  • From symmetry: Long-distance neutrino search
  • Photo of the Day: Tree swallows
  • From Science News, May 16, 2014: The mysterious boundary

Monday, May 19

  • Four Fermilab sites eligible for national historic register
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: Two wheels or four, let's all take a quiz, try for a prize
  • In Brief: Accelerator Sector leadership transition
  • Photo of the Day: May flower
  • Ask the Ethicist: New ethics training for all Fermilab employees
  • From IEEE Spectrum's Multiphysics Simulation, May 2014: Doubling beam intensity unlocks rare opportunities for discovery at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
  • From Scientific American, May 16, 2014: When will we find dark matter

Friday, May 16

  • Physics in a Nutshell: Proving special relativity: episode 4
  • Frontier Science Result: MINERvA: A neutrino tale as told by a proton
  • International Linear Collider makes progress in siting, R&D
  • In Brief: DASTOW 2014 scheduled for Friday, June 20
  • Special Announcement: Wilson Street entrance closure extended to May 20
  • Photo of the Day: Heron goes fishing
  • From, May 14, 2014: CEBAF beam goes over the hump: highest-energy beam ever delivered at Jefferson Lab
  • From Nature, May 14, 2014: Cosmology: First light

Thursday, May 15

  • Fermilab revives long-retired beamline
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Two b or not two b?
  • In Brief: Fermilab and the CIE + Cisco EIR Innovation Challenge
  • Photos of the Day: Farmers Picnic 2014
  • From euronews, May 13, 2014: What will we discover when we switch the LHC back on?
  • From Chicago Tribune, May 8, 2014: Village Theatre Guild finds romance in an unlikely setting with "now then again"

Wednesday, May 14

  • From symmetry: Saving the Feynman van
  • From WDRS: Inspiring today's students
  • In Brief: New and improved Fermilab Service Awards program
  • Photos of the Day: A chip off the new board
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, May 13
  • From The Japan Times, May 11, 2014: Physicist leads effort to image melted cores

Tuesday, May 13

  • New LPC leadership works to better the field of physics
  • Director's Corner: Center for Integrated Engineering Research
  • In Brief: Fermilab welcomes ATLAS muon upgrade team
  • From symmetry: Planck reveals galactic fingerprint
  • Photo of the Day: E706 reunion in Kuhn Barn
  • From Nautilus, May 7, 2014: What it means to live in a holographic universe

Monday, May 12

  • Historical Fermilab-developed software still in use
  • Tip of the Week: Sustainability: SWaMP: Fermilab's Surface Water Management Program
  • In Brief: Joint speaker event on "Science and Serendipity" - May 21 in Chicago
  • Photos of the Day: Take a gander at these goslings
  • From ars technica, May 7, 2014: Simulation shows that dark energy and matter can reproduce the universe
  • From New Scientist, May 6, 2014: Swirly dusty universe is preview of big bang wave map

Friday, May 9

  • Milestone: Three Fermilab-affiliated researchers receive prestigious DOE awards
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Times have really changed
  • In Brief: Fermilab Users Meeting registration now open
  • This Day in Fermilab History: May 11, 1974: Fermilab dedication
  • In Brief: MINERvA's new window on an old interaction
  • Photo of the Day: Bald eagle by Wilson Hall
  • Correction: No outside horse riders
  • From The Economist, April 30, 2014: Why astronomers think dark matter exists

Thursday, May 8

  • Milestone: Fermilab launches new home page on website
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: Top quark continues to pique physicists' interest
  • From symmetry: NOvA's first neutrino
  • Photos of the Day: Horses by DZero
  • From New Scientist, May 6, 2014: Tiny dark matter "bullet" may be one among hundreds
  • From BBC News, May 7, 2014: Universe evolution recreated in lab

Wednesday, May 7

  • Sam Blitz earns awards for undergraduate work on ORKA
  • From the Technical Division: More than a Magnet Factory
  • Photo of the Day: A welder's work
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, May 6
  • From Nature, April 29, 2014: Basic science finds corporate refuge
  • From Outokumpu's Forever magazine, April 2014: Knock on steel
  • From, April 29, 2014: Universe expanding symmetrically, real-time analysis shows

Tuesday, May 6

  • Special Announcement: Save the date: DASTOW takes place June 20
  • Fermilab Arts Series presents Circo Comedia on May 10 in Ramsey Auditorium
  • From symmetry: DESI project to map universe in 3-D HD
  • Construction Update: NOvA far detector filled with scintillating liquid
  • Photos of the Day: Celebrating science and engineering in Washington
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, May 5, 2014: Good hearing for DOE Secretary Moniz before House Science Committee
  • From Nature, April 30, 2014: Public relations: For your information
  • From Discovery News, May 2, 2014: New super-heavy element 117 confirmed

Monday, May 5

  • From symmetry: Keeping things awesome on the Dark Energy Survey
  • Tip of the Week: Ecology and Environment: Fermilab Natural Areas gets a Strategic Plan
  • Photo of the Day: Skywriting, of a kind
  • In Brief: Retesting of emergency messaging system tomorrow
  • From, April 30, 2014: Could tiny "black hole atoms" be elusive dark matter?
  • From Gizmodo, May 1, 2014: The antarctic neutrino camera is about go get much, much bigger

Friday, May 2

  • Physics in a Nutshell: The twin paradox
  • Frontier Science Result: ArgoNeuT: Catching (anti)neutrinos in a liquid-argon detector
  • Photo of the Day: U.S.-Japan collaboration in high-energy physics
  • Special Announcement: Wilson Street entrance closed starting May 5
  • From ars technica, April 30, 2014: Forget the Higgs, neutrinos may be the key to breaking the Standard Model

Thursday, May 1

  • Making a Fermilab video
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Measuring the "direction" of the Standard Model
  • Photo of the Day: Discussing the Discover Science Collaboration between India and the U.S.
  • From ASTA Newsletter, April 2014: URA funds University of Maryland's ASTA proposal
  • From, April 28, 2014: Dark matter could send asteroids crashing into Earth: new theory
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