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Wednesday, April 30

  • From symmetry: The "Cosmos" connection
  • From the Finance Section: Get to know your Procurement Department
  • Milestone: Sebastian Wagner-Carena offered University of Chicago-Fermilab scholarship
  • Video of the Day: Big mysteries: the Higgs mass
  • Photos of the Day: STEM Career Expo at Fermilab
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, April 29
  • From, April 29, 2014: Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz's statement to the Senate Committee on Appropriations on driving innovation through federal investments
  • From Providence Journal, April 28, 2014: Brown physicist, who helped predict Higgs boson, dies

Tuesday, April 29

  • Introducing the Fermilab Test Beam Committee
  • Director's Corner: Cultivating innovation
  • Video of the Day: Nigel Lockyer on advances in particle physics and energy
  • Death: In memoriam: Thomas Regan
  • Photos of the Day: Pelicans, pelicans everywhere
  • From NPR, April 27, 2014: Are physicists ready to give up the chase for SUSY?
  • From BBC News, April 24, 2014: Dazzling supernova mystery solved
  • From Quanta, April 16, 2014: Time's arrow traced to quantum source

Monday, April 28

  • In Brief: LBNE science book released
  • Tip of the Week: Cybersecurity: Heartbleed exposed: what it is and how it affects you
  • From symmetry: Not just old codgers
  • Milestone: New employees - April
  • Photo of the Day: We appreciate our administrative professionals
  • From Physics, April 24, 2014: Synopsis: Sterile neutrino as dark matter candidate

Friday, April 25

  • From symmetry: Commentary: Massive thoughts
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: The shape of the jet
  • In Brief: New Perspectives on Dark Matter workshop - next week
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: May wellness offerings and fitness classes
  • Photo of the Day: Planting trees for Arbor Day
  • In Brief: Upgrades to Internet Explorer version 9 begin April 28
  • From Nature, April 18, 2014: Bouncing neutrons probe dark energy on a table-top

Thursday, April 24

  • In Brief: Fermilab Earth Day Fair - today in Wilson Hall atrium
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: CDF finalizes its Ωb analysis
  • In Brief: Consider commuting by train? Take the survey
  • From symmetry: Tracking particles faster at the LHC
  • Photos of the Day: Renewal
  • From Yahoo! News, April 18, 2014: Mystery of creation answered: the £2 billion telescope that will "see Big Bang"
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, April 18, 2014: Rep. Bill Foster on BICEP2 announcement

Wednesday, April 23

  • In Brief: Administrative Professionals Day celebration - today
  • From the Scientific Computing Division: Open Science Grid at Fermilab
  • New addition to Fermilab's bison herd arrives
  • Photos of the Day: Prairie burns for restoration
  • In Brief: STEM Career Expo for high school students - today
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, April 22
  • From Physics World, April 15, 2014: Could pulsars explain the positron excess?

Tuesday, April 22

  • From symmetry: Is the universe balanced on a pinhead?
  • From the Associate Laboratory Director for Operations Support: Powering the future
  • In Brief: Information session on new Laboratory Directed R&D initiative - tomorrow at 2 p.m.
  • Construction Update: MC-1 Building experimental hall complete
  • Photos of the Day: Reception for "The Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams"
  • From The Courier-News, April 20, 2014: IMSA students work on projects with local labs, universities
  • From Scientific American, May 2014: Supersymmetry and the crisis in physics

Monday, April 21

  • Nigel Lockyer to talk sticks, stones and physics - Friday
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: What could possibly go wrong?
  • Milestone: Carl Williams, Core Computing Division, retires Thursday
  • In Brief: Used textbook collection at Fermilab takes place this week
  • In Brief: Fermilab Arbor Day event, lunch provided - tomorrow
  • Photo of the Day: Wide-angle view of Industrial Building Complex and IARC
  • From The Guardian, April 13, 2014: Quarks bonding differently at LHCb

Friday, April 18

  • Profile: One minute with Leonard Harbacek, instrument welder
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Proving relativity: episode 3
  • In Brief: Wilson Hall power outage - Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • In Brief: Retirement planning Lunch and Learn - April 23 and May 7
  • Photo of the Day: Feynman family vacation
  • From Nature, April 15, 2014: Panel homes in on sites for γ-ray detector

Thursday, April 17

  • Milestone: Justin Evans awarded Institute of Physics' High Energy Particle Physics Group Prize
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Most precise single measurement of the top quark mass
  • Dmitri Denisov re-elected DZero co-spokesperson
  • Video of the Day: Big mysteries: dark energy
  • Photo of the Day: Rainbow erupts over Feynman
  • From The Kavli Foundation, April 2014: Searching high and low for dark matter
  • From The New York Times, April 11, 2014: Big bang to little swoosh

Wednesday, April 16

  • From symmetry: Ten things you might not know about particle accelerators
  • From ESH&Q: Fermilab celebrates Arbor Day and Earth Day next week
  • Photo of the Day: The darkness (re)lit
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, April 15
  • From Scientific American, April 8, 2014: Dark matter may be destroying itself in Milky Way's core

Tuesday, April 15

  • In Brief: Fermilab Time and Labor URLs to change this week
  • Director's Corner: Connecting with our neighbors
  • From symmetry: CERN's LHCb experiment sees exotic particle
  • Photo of the Day: Lunar eclipse
  • From, April 14, 2014: Beam on target! CEBAF accelerator achieves 12 GeV commissioning milestone
  • From Time, April 8, 2014: The mystery of dark matter: WIMPs may have the answer

Monday, April 14

  • From symmetry: Tufte's Feynman sculptures come to Fermilab
  • Tip of the Week: Quality Assurance: Only the best: high-quality software at Fermilab
  • Photo of the Day: What a day for a sunbath
  • In Brief: On-site volunteer cleanup - Thursday at lunchtime
  • From Physics World, April 7, 2014: Interferometry tips the scales on antimatter
  • From New Scientist, April 10, 2014: LHC spots particle that may be new form of matter

Friday, April 11

  • Photo of the Day: Edward Tufte's "Interplanetary Explorer" now installed for Feynman celebration
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Top partners
  • David Toback elected as new CDF co-spokesperson
  • Milestone: National Weather Service recognizes Fermilab
  • In Brief: Wilson Hall power outage - Saturday, April 19
  • In Brief: Heartbleed bug and Fermilab
  • From Wired, April 10, 2014: Capturing a super energetic neutrino named Big Bird
  • From, April 10, 2014: Latest CERN experiment confirms existence of exotic particle

Thursday, April 10

  • Press Release: High school students get real-world advice at Fermilab STEM Career Expo - April 23
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: CDF completes the ZZ diboson production cross section measurement
  • Photo of the Day: Hawk in flight
  • This Day in Fermilab History: April 10, 1969: A transfer of ownership
  • From BBC News, April 8, 2014: Dark matter hunt: LUX experiment reaches critical phase

Wednesday, April 9

  • From symmetry: Searching for the holographic universe
  • From the Core Computing Division: Keeping software up to date
  • Photos of the Day: 3-D chip, up close
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, April 8
  • From College of William and Mary's Ideation, April 8, 2014: Ubiquitous, yet elusive
  • From ars technica, April 3, 2014: A sort of particle-free supersymmetry found in exotic materials

Tuesday, April 8

  • Feynman celebration kicks off Saturday, April 12
  • From the Chief Operating Officer: Making progress, more to come
  • From symmetry: Expanding universe measured with precision
  • Photos of the Day: Fire and light
  • From New Scientist, April 4, 2014: Best dark matter signal yet hints at heftier particles

Monday, April 7

  • Students turn scientist in QuarkNet masterclasses
  • Tip of the Week: Sustainability: Managed print services offer big sustainability benefits
  • From symmetry: LHC begins long road to restart
  • Photo of the Day: On the fence
  • In Brief: Employee Advisory Group information session tomorrow
  • From NIU Today, April 3, 2014: Man in the muon

Friday, April 4

  • From NASA, April 3, 2014: Fermi data tantalize with new clues to dark matter
  • Frontier Science Result: Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the cosmological constant
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Proving special relativity: episode 2
  • Photo of the Day: Barn on the ring
  • From LiveScience, April 2, 2014: Weird 'techni-quarks' may lurk inside Higgs boson particle

Thursday, April 3

  • From symmetry: The oldest light in the universe
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Top quarks as forward as expected
  • Photo of the Day: Bubble chamber at SiDet
  • Video of the Day: Science students at Fermilab
  • From Popular Science, March 28, 2014: Where gravitational waves are found: behind the scenes at BICEP2
  • From Smithsonian, March 31, 2014: Art and science collide in the discovery of the Higgs boson

Wednsday, April 2

  • LBNE's core is at Sanford Lab
  • From symmetry: 30 years of inter-American collaboration
  • Readers Write: Another hat in the ring
  • Photo of the Day: It's always snowy in Minnesota
  • In Brief: Windows XP end of life April 8
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, April 1
  • From Physics Today, April 2014: Probing the accelerating universe
  • From DOE Pulse, March 31, 2014: Persistent analysis fills in 50-year gap

Tuesday, April 1

  • Special Announcement: April Fool
  • Director's Corner: A cosmic week at Fermilab
  • Press Release: Explore the Wonders of Science at Fermilab on Sunday, April 6
  • From symmetry: Superheroes and particle physics: the dynamic duo
  • Construction Update: Walls come down, framing goes up
  • Photo of the Day: Atrium in the afternoon
  • From New Scientist, March 24, 2014: Record-breaking atom laser to hunt quantum gravity

April Fool's Day

  • Costly mixup might delay Muon g-2 experiment
  • Director's Corner: Policy changes
  • Special Announcement: All employees required to clock in on Memorial Day
  • 2015 Winter Classic to be held at Fermilab
  • Bison selected for Fermilab Users Executive Committee
  • In Brief: Fermilab deputy director candidate pool down to four
  • Photo of the Day: Making way for neutrinos
  • Construction Update: Eye of Sauron nearly complete
  • From CERN: CERN to switch to Comic Sans
  • From The Onion, April 1, 2014: Distant planet terrified it might be able to someday support human life
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