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Tuesday, Sept. 30

  • High school students advance particle physics and their own science education at Fermilab
  • Director's Corner: ROC West opens
  • In Brief: ESH&Q hosts no-waste picnic
  • Video of the Day: Unsung hero cold cases - the Slipher file
  • Photo of the Day: American lady
  • From Chicago Parent, Sept. 23, 2014: Mr. Freeze gives a chilling performance for Chicago area kids

Monday, Sept. 29

  • Press Release: Two chances for green thumbs at Fermilab's Prairie Seed Harvest on Oct. 4 and Nov. 1
  • Tip of the Week: Health: Preventing the spread of influenza
  • Photo of the Day: Autumn is coming
  • In Brief: Science Next Door October newsletter now online
  • Milestone: New employees - September
  • From CERN Courier, Sept. 23, 2014: Six decades of science for peace

Friday, Sept. 26

  • Profile: One minute with Jared Gaynier, mechanical engineering undergraduate
  • Frontier Science Result: MIPP: How many protons does it take to make a neutrino?
  • Photo of the Day: Early light
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: October wellness offerings, fitness classes and discounts
  • In Brief: FIRUS system upgrades to affect alarm system sitewide
  • From Daily Herald, Sept. 24, 2014: Chaos and order meet in 'Negentropy' exhibit at Fermilab

Thursday, Sept. 25

  • Milestone: Fermilab Scientist Emeritus Jeffrey Appel honored by Brazilian Physics Society
  • Physics in a Nutshell: What is the holographic principle?
  • Magician Mike Super, seen on 'America's Got Talent,' comes to Ramsey on Saturday, 8 p.m.
  • Photo of the Day: Summer scape
  • This Day in Fermilab History: Sept. 25, 1992: The Lederman Science Education Center is dedicated
  • From Boing Boing, Sept. 19, 2014: Down in the dark matter lab
  • From Nature, Sept. 22, 2014: Full-galaxy dust map muddles search for gravitational waves

Wednesday, Sept. 24

  • Art gallery orders up 'Negentropy' for latest exhibit, reception on Friday at 5 p.m.
  • From the Office of Project Support Services: Hello from the Office of Project Support Services
  • In Brief: Accepting nominations for the Scientist Advisory Council
  • Photos of the Day: A rich niche
  • From FNA News: My life as a new steward at Fermilab
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 23
  • From Medium, Sept. 16, 2014: How astrophysicists are turning the entire moon into a cosmic ray detector
  • From Physics World, Sept. 19, 2014: CERN celebrates 60 years of science

Tuesday, Sept. 23

  • Profile: One minute with Jennifer Gondorchin, benefits administration team lead
  • From the Chief Operating Officer: United we stand
  • Photo of the Day: One-tree field
  • In Brief: Volunteers needed - Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series and Saturday's performance
  • Construction Update: Atrium revitalization for community seating and workspaces under way
  • From Quanta Magazine, Sept. 18, 2014: Finding dark energy in the details
  • From Discovery, Sept. 18, 2014: Mystery signal could be dark matter hint in ISS detector

Monday, Sept. 22

  • Breakthrough: nanotube cathode creates more electron beam than large laser system
  • Tip of the Week: Quality Assurance: Congratulations on receiving environment, health and safety certifications
  • Photo of the Day: Prospect of sunflowers
  • From APS' The Back Page, September 2014: CERN — Six decades of science, innovation, cooperation and inspiration
  • From Smithsonian, Sept. 15, 2014: What is the universe? Real physics has some mind-bending answers

Friday, Sept. 19

  • In Brief: National Lab Day highlights
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Three ways to be invisible
  • From symmetry: Pursuit of dark matter progresses at AMS
  • Photo of the Day: Goldenrod, meet golden bee
  • In Brief: FIRUS system upgrades to affect alarm system sitewide
  • From Roll Call, Sept. 16, 2014: Senators launch National Laboratory Caucus
  • From, Sept. 17, 2014: National Lab Day: How the national labs keep moving America forward

Thursday, Sept. 18

  • From symmetry: Science gets social
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Newton, Schrödinger and DZero
  • In Brief: Technical Division picnic brings out laughs and prizes
  • Video of the Day: Got a minute? Building software at the LHC
  • Photo of the Day: Sharp eyes catch peregrine falcon
  • From Discover, September 2014: Neutrinos: ghosts of the universe

Wednesday, Sept. 17

  • 3-D printing gives edge to Fermilab experiment
  • From the Particle Physics Division: Thank you
  • Milestone: Bliss Creek and Fox Valley golf league champions
  • Photos of the Day: High-rise silhouette
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 16
  • From, Sept. 16, 2014: Energy Secretary Moniz showcases National Laboratories on the Hill

Tuesday, Sept. 16

  • Summer intern studies physics for self, family
  • Director's Corner: Getting involved
  • Photo of the Day: Heron of the night
  • Construction Update: Flooring, walls, lighting nearly complete in west remote operations center
  • In Brief: Food and friends at annual Computing Sector picnic
  • From Hometown Focus, Sept. 12, 2014: The universe = change = love

Monday, Sept. 15

  • In Brief: Now accepting nominations for director's volunteer award
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: Keep out the noise: use hearing protection devices
  • Special Announcement: Save the date: labwide celebration Oct. 8
  • Video of the Day: Got a minute? LPC: The LHC Physics Center
  • Photo of the Day: Pushing through the pavement
  • In Brief: Changes to audio, web and video services this month
  • From Physics, Sept. 9, 2014: Synopsis: Higgs mass comes into clearer focus

Friday, Sept. 12

  • From symmetry: Forecasting the future
  • Frontier Science Result: DES: Dark Energy Survey discovers new trans-Neptunian objects
  • Photos of the Day: Viceroys
  • In Brief: FIRUS system upgrades to affect alarm system sitewide
  • From LC NewsLine, Sept. 4, 2014: Linacs in all (linear) shapes and sizes
  • From LiveScience, Sept. 8, 2014: New particle detector could reveal universe's missing antimatter

Thursday, Sept. 11

  • In Brief: New members of Users Executive Committee elected
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Epic facepalm
  • Video of the Day: Got a minute? Turning collisions into numbers
  • In Brief: All Experimenter Meetings during six-week shutdown
  • Photo of the Day: Butterfly birth
  • From The Hill, Sept. 9, 2014: National labs play unique role in working for America

Wednesday, Sept. 10

  • Special Announcement: New labwide calendar online
  • From the Fermi Site Office: A glimpse into the lab evaluation process
  • From symmetry: Particle physics to aid nuclear cleanup in Japan
  • Photo of the Day: Caterpillar on a picnic
  • In Brief: Now accepting applications for Fermilab-University of Chicago full-time scholarship
  • ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 9: Safety Update
  • From Weizmann Wonder Wander, Sept. 2, 2014: The scanners' story

Tuesday, Sept. 9

  • From symmetry: Detectors in daily life
  • From the Deputy Director: It's all Πυθων to me
  • Video of the Day: Got a minute? Ultimate building blocks
  • Photo of the Day: Foggy sunrise
  • From Rapid City Journal, Sept. 2, 2014: The opportunity of a lifetime

Monday, Sept. 8

  • Scientists put their heads together over the unbearable lightness of the Higgs mass
  • Tip of the Week: Sustainability: How to screw in a light bulb
  • Milestone: Final Force, Fermilab Softball League champions
  • Photo of the Day: Egrets across the pond
  • In Brief: Beginning six-week shutdown for upgrades and maintenance
  • From New Scientist, Sept. 3, 2014: Chameleons and holograms: Dark energy hunt gets weird
  • From The New York Times, Sept. 1, 2014: Research aimed at the heart of the sun

Friday, Sept. 5

  • Neutrinos permeate Fermilab's past, present and future
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Subatomic chimeras
  • Video of the Day: Revolution
  • Photo of the Day: Surfing waves of green
  • From Scientific American, Aug. 27, 2014: Strange neutrinos from the sun detected for the first time

Thursday, Sept. 4

  • SAC fosters labwide communication, newly established EAC follows suit
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: The final word on Z's and jets from CDF
  • Photo of the Day: Soaking up the rays
  • Video of the Day: Got a minute? Testing QED with top quarks
  • From Physics World, Sept. 2, 2014: Big bang ruled out as origin of lithium-6

Wednesday, Sept. 3

  • More than 150 attend second joint Argonne-Fermilab small-business fair
  • From the Technical Division: Leading the way in superconducting magnets and accelerators
  • Video of the Day: Particle detectors subatomic bomb squad
  • Photo of the Day: Sunset on a cloudy day
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Sept. 2
  • From The Architect's Newspaper, Aug. 27, 2014: Life after the collider
  • From Physics World, Aug. 26, 2014: China pursues 52 km collider project

Tuesday, Sept. 2

  • Magnet's last stand
  • Director's Corner: The road to the top
  • Photo of the Day: Where's my food?
  • In Brief: Science Next Door September newsletter now online
  • In Brief: Louise LeBourgeois talks about her work - tomorrow at noon in Fermilab Art Gallery
  • From The Physics Teacher, September 2014: The expanding universe: dark energy
  • From Quanta Magazine, Aug. 27, 2014: Quark quartet fuels quantum feud
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