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Friday, Feb. 28

  • Fermilab's Teacher Resource Center helps STEM educators keep current
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Next-to-next-to-leading order
  • Fermilab Arts Series presents Alan Kelly Gang - tomorrow in Ramsey Auditorium
  • In Brief: Now accepting entries for Fermilab Summer Lecture Series photo contest
  • Photo of the Day: Steel and sky
  • From The New York Times, Feb. 24, 2014: Coming soon: heroes of the Higgs

Thursday, Feb. 27

  • SeaQuest begins taking data
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: Evidence for rare single-top-quark process at CDF
  • In Brief: Science Next Door March newsletter now online
  • Wellness Feature of the Month: March wellness offerings, fitness classes and discounts
  • Photo of the Day: Snowy ravine
  • From LiveScience, Feb. 24, 2014: Long-sought quark-formation process finally found
  • From Slate, Feb. 25, 2014: The dark matter poltergeist

Wednesday, Feb. 26

  • An unsung hero of particle physics: GlideinWMS
  • From the Particle Physics Division: Getting ready to run NOvA
  • Photo of the Day: Final NOvA far-detector block goes up in Minnesota
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Feb. 25
  • From Physics Today, February 2014: To catch a solar neutrino, search at night

Tuesday, Feb. 25

  • To catch a falling asteroid: Dark Energy Camera scientists locate object passing Earth
  • From the Directorate: Warriors of winter
  • Construction Update: First building in muon campus nears completion
  • Photo of the Day: Flags unflagging
  • From The Guardian, Feb. 22, 2014: The future of particle physics?
  • From Scientific American, Feb. 20, 2014: Cosmic mismatch hints at the existence of a "sterile" neutrino

Monday, Feb. 24

  • Press Release: Scientists complete the top quark puzzle
  • Tip of the Week: Ecology and Environment: Managing the ecosystem
  • Photo of the Day: Summer dreams
  • Milestone: New employees - February
  • In Brief: Lunch and Learn demo: using Blue Cross Blue Shield, Prime Therapeutics online tools
  • From Science, Feb. 21, 2014: New neutrino may have heated baby universe

Friday, Feb. 21

  • Physics in a Nutshell: Mixed metaphors
  • Frontier Science Result: Dark Energy Survey: Cosmic shadows in the microwave light from the big bang
  • Photos of the Day: Fermilab participates in AAAS
  • From PBS NewsHour, Feb. 19, 2014: Physicist-turned-filmmaker captures seven years of "Particle Fever"
  • From New Scientist, Feb. 19, 2014: Baby universe rumbled with thunder of Higgs bubbles

Thursday, Feb. 20

  • Doug Glenzinski is new Mu2e co-spokesperson
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Particle ID required
  • In Brief: Presentation template, letterhead available
  • Death: In memoriam: Rick St. Denis
  • Photo of the Day: Smashing through the snow
  • From Physics World, Feb. 18, 2014: Could sterile neutrinos solve the cosmological mass conundrum?
  • From BBC News, Feb. 18, 2014: CERN considers building huge physics machine

Wednesday, Feb. 19

  • Milestone: Slip stacked beam sent to NuMI in accelerator complex's new operational mode
  • From the Business Services Section: Taking care of government property
  • Milestone: Pat Oleck, badge no. 256, retires Friday
  • Photo of the Day: Diagram this
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Feb. 18
  • From, Feb. 13, 2014: Dark-matter detector to begin operations soon in China
  • From Brookhaven National Laboratory, Feb. 18, 2014: Robert Tribble named Brookhaven Lab's deputy director for science and technology

Tuesday, Feb. 18

  • Profile: One minute with Bob Cibic, procurement supervisor
  • Director's Corner: Traveling
  • Death: In memoriam: Rajendran Raja
  • Photo of the Day: Ice curtains
  • From the University of Nottingham, Feb. 10, 2014: Massive neutrinos solve a cosmological conundrum
  • From LiveScience, Feb. 6, 2014: Exotic particles, tiny extra dimensions await discovery
  • From Slate, Feb. 11, 2014: Does antimatter fall up?

Monday, Feb. 17

  • Photo of the Day: Happy Presidents' Day
  • Tip of the Week: Cybersecurity: One-two punch: two-factor authentication helps prevent cyberattacks
  • From BBC News, Feb. 14, 2014: UK backs huge US neutrino plan
  • From symmetry: Quarks in the looking glass
  • From NBC Chicago, Feb. 15, 2014: Fun science with Fermilab's Mr. Freeze
  • From Science, Feb. 6, 2014: Mega-doughnuts: CERN to study plan for 100-kilometer atom-smashers

Friday, Feb. 14

  • Milestone: Vladimir Shiltsev elected president of RASA
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Is it single?
  • From symmetry: #FollowFriday: Physicists to follow on Twitter
  • Photo of the Day: On a clear night
  • From Pioneer Press, Feb. 13, 2014: Neutrino success: UMN lab receives first particles from Chicago lab
  • From New Scientist, Feb. 11, 2014: Ghostly neutrinos caught shape-shifting in the night

Thursday, Feb. 13

  • Special Announcement: AAAS Science and Technology seminar - today at 1:30 p.m.
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF and DZero: Six measurements of top quark pair production
  • Milestone: Hundreds of supernovae seen in first season of Dark Energy Survey
  • Milestone: Anne Schukraft earns German Physical Society's Hertha Sponer Prize
  • Photo of the Day: Trailing in the snow
  • From Physics, Feb. 10, 2014: Viewpoint: Neutrino experiments come closer to seeing CP violation
  • From LiveScience, Feb. 11, 2014: Future colliders may dwarf today's largest atom smasher

Wednesday, Feb. 12

  • Ben Lee Fellow Sally Dawson speaks today at colloquium
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: The NIU-Fermilab connection in accelerator science
  • Photo of the Day: Rolling for Rutherford
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, Feb. 11
  • From Popular Science, Feb. 11, 2014: Fermilab's neutrino detector sees its first particles
  • From The Beacon-News, Feb. 9, 2014: Hot, and cold, topics at Fermi's Family Open House

Tuesday, Feb. 11

  • Press Release: NOvA experiment sees first long-distance neutrinos
  • From the Directorate: Contract assurance
  • Milestone: Michael Frett celebrates retirement this week
  • Photo of the Day: Warmth in the distance
  • From LC NewsLine, Feb. 6, 2014: The year 2014 — the real starting year of the ILC?

Monday, Feb. 10

  • Rob Roser named acting associate lab director and CIO
  • Tip of the Week: Quality Assurance: Tracking lessons learned
  • In Brief: All-hands meeting video and slides online
  • In Brief: Fermilab at AAAS Family Science Days this weekend
  • Photos of the Day: Ice fountain
  • From Physics World, Feb. 6, 2014: CERN kicks off plans for LHC successor
  • From Science, Feb. 7, 2014: China builds mammoth detector to probe mysteries of neutrino mass

Friday, Feb. 7

  • Physics in a Nutshell: By his bootstraps
  • Frontier Science Result: MINERvA: What happens in hydrocarbon stays in hydrocarbon (sometimes)
  • Photo of the Day: Dedication
  • From Science, Feb. 5, 2014: Quarks know their left from their right

Thursday, Feb. 6

  • Special Announcement: All-hands meeting - today in Ramsey Auditorium
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Seeing double in proton-antiproton collisions
  • In Brief: P5 virtual town hall meeting - today in One West
  • Working with the elements: "Creativity is not Created" comes to Fermilab Art Gallery
  • Photo of the Day: Booster in winter
  • From Brookhaven National Laboratory Newsroom, Jan. 29, 2014: Big chill sets in as RHIC physics heats up
  • From Physics World, Jan. 28, 2014: Accelerating science and technology at the Cockcroft Institute

Wednesday, Feb. 5

  • Fermilab Family Open House - Sunday, Feb. 9
  • From FESS: The building manager's toolkit
  • Photo of the Day: Light and vapor
  • In Brief: Here to help in your medical coverage transition
  • In Brief: Coming soon: an improved SharePoint experience
  • From The Guardian, Feb. 1, 2014: Diamond: Britain's answer to the Large Hadron Collider
  • From, Jan. 31, 2014: STEM education: preparing students to succeed
  • From The Atlantic, Feb. 3, 2014: Soon, the coldest place in the known universe will be on ... the International Space Station

Tuesday, Feb. 4

  • Special Announcement: Testing of new emergency messaging system today
  • Director's Corner: Acting on your feedback
  • From Computing Bits: 2013 service management: year in review
  • Photo of the Day: Tropical sky
  • Construction Update: Progress on NOvA far-detector block assembly
  • From Gizmodo, Feb. 1, 2014: Watch Fermilab's astoundingly massive neutrino detector being built
  • From CERN Bulletin, Feb. 3, 2014: CMS prepares for new challenges
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Jan. 25, 2014: Students show off knowledge at "Disaster Blaster"

Monday, Feb. 3

  • From symmetry: Watch the next big neutrino experiment come together
  • Tip of the Week: Safety: New Illinois law bans hand-held cell phone use while driving
  • In Brief: Lunch and Learn: tips for being greener with SCARCE - Feb. 5 in Curia II
  • Photos of the Day: Acqua fredda alle funi
  • From Physics Today, January 2014: Particle Fever: Filming the hunt for the Higgs boson
  • From Physics World, Jan. 30, 2014: Magnetic monopoles seen in the lab
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