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Newsbox archive - March 2004

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March 29, 2004
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/31: Operating at the Sharp End: Accidents and Human Error in Complex Systems - Richard I. Cook, U. Chicago
Tornado and Severe Storm Seminar, Saturday, April 3 in Ramsey Auditorium. Plan to arrive early!

March 26, 2004
Join the Fermilab Habitat Restoration Volunteers this Saturday, March 27 at 8:00 a.m.
The Sun: Fermilab seeking stronger links with locals

March 25, 2004
Chicago Tribune: Fermilab reaches out to neighbors

March 24, 2004
Brookhaven Press Release: Physicists See Golden Needle in a Micro-Cosmic Haystack

March 23, 2004
Fermilab Director Search
Daily Herald: Pinpointing the forces of nature

March 22, 2004
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/24: Progress and the Lack Thereof in the Reform of US Science Education (Neither have we found Higgs or the Theory of Everything!)- Leon Lederman, Director Emeritus-Fermilab
Interactions News Wire: New Protocol is 50th anniversary gift to CERN

March 19, 2004
Physics Web: Charmed pentaquark appears at DESY
Press Release: Sloan Digital Sky Survey Releases Six Terabytes of Data to Public

March 18, 2004
Press Release: Sloan Digital Sky Survey Releases Six Terabytes of Data to Public
Need to give a presentation? The Interactions Image Bank features images from particle physics lab around the world.

March 16, 2004
Streaming Video from the Education Department's Science Institute Day is now available to watch online.

March 15, 2004
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/17: Genetic Differences Between Great Apes and Humans: Implications for Human Evolution - Ajit Varki, U of California-San Diego
Christian Science Monitor: How to turn a continent into a telescope
Interactions News Wire: Fred Kavli, Kavli Foundation donate $7.5 million to University of Chicago for cosmological physics institute

March 12, 2004
Fermilab Arts Series, 3/13: Choreographer's Showcase

March 11, 2004
Fermilab Film Series, 3/12: Y Tu Mama Tambien
Fermilab hosts Virtual Ask-a-Scientist on March 31

March 9, 2004
Fermilab's Education Department offers an Educational Software Preview Guide for teachers

March 8, 2004
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/10: The Full Mottness: Asymptotic Slavery - Philip Phillips, U. Illinois

March 5, 2004
Chicago Tribune: Bustin' atoms and other fun
CERN Courier: Gigabits, the Grid and the Guinness Book of Records

March 4, 2004
Fermilab Arts Series, 3/13: Choreographer's Showcase

March 3, 2004
Interactions News Wire: Particle Physicists Look to the Future

March 2, 2004
Register for the Wonders of Science Show, Sunday, March 14, from 1 to 2 p.m.

March 1, 2004
Fermilab Colloquium, 3-3: Playing Billiards with Microwaves: Quantum Manifestations of Classical Chaos - Achim Richter, Darmstadt University

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