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Newsbox archive - June 2004

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Monday, June 28
FYI: AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News - Update Requested on Improvements to Visa Processing
Recent bird sightings and butterfly sightings at Fermilab
Fermilab Colloquium, 6/30: Using HEP Technology to Fight Cancer - Patrick Le Du, Saclay

Friday, June 25
PhysicsWeb: New Light on Dark Energy

Thursday, June 24
Fermilab Arts Series, 6/26: Muriel Anderson's All-Star Guitar Night with Ben Lacy and Thom Bresh

Wednesday, June 23
BBC News: 'Birth cry' of the cosmos heard
Fermilab Film Series, 6/25 - The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons From the Life of Robert S. McNamara

Tuesday, June 22
Lattice 2004: The XXII International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory - June 21 - June 26
Interactions News Wire: CERN Director General Outlines Seven-point Strategy for European Laboratory

Monday, June 21
Fermilab Colloquium, 6/23: The Origins of Lattice Gauge Theory - Kenneth Wilson, Ohio State U.
PhysicsWeb: New Particle Baffles Physicists

Friday, June 18
UC Press Release: Nobel Laureate Steven Chu Named Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Join the Fermilab Habitat Restoration Volunteers this Saturday, June 19 from 8:00 a.m. to noon

Thursday, June 17
Press Release - Surprise: Fermilab's SELEX experiment finds puzzling new particle
Recent butterfly sightings at Fermilab
PhysicsWeb: Astrophysics project wins outreach award

Tuesday, June 15
Pick up a copy of Quantum Universe at the Office of Public Affairs or order a copy online.

Monday, June 14
Fermilab Colloquium, 6/16: Understanding the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident - Doug Osheroff, Stanford U.
Third Thursday Lunchtime Cleanup: Thursday, June 17 at 11:45 a.m.
Fermilab Arts Series, 6/26: Muriel Anderson's All-Star Guitar Night with Ben Lacy and Thom Bresh

Thursday, June 10
Streaming Video: Fermilab Bubble Chamber Moved
ScienceNow: Top Quark Tips Scale for Heavier Higgs
New Scientist: Quark experiment predicts heavier Higgs
Chicago Sun-Times: Fermilab may be on verge of massive finding

Wednesday, June 9
Press Release: Fermilab Results Change Higgs Mass Estimate
Nature Magazine: Particle physics: From the top...

Tuesday, June 8
Watch the streaming video of the 2004 Fermilab Users' Meeting
Order Fermilab merchandise online

Monday, June 7
Fermilab Colloquium, 6/9: The Galaxy Evolution Explorer: Results from the First Year - Christopher Martin, CIT

Friday, June 4
Recent butterfly sightings at Fermilab
Recent bird sightings at Fermilab

Thursday, June 3
Mercury News: Revolution in understanding
GSA New Perspectives 2004: June 3 and June 4

Tuesday, June 1 Astronomers See Faintest Galaxy Yet
KoreaTimes: University of Chicago's Young-kee Kim Heads International Research
Fermilab Arts Series, 6/26: Muriel Anderson's All-Star Guitar Night with Ben Lacy and Thom Bresh
Fermilab Users' Meeting 2004 - June 2-3: Schedule

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