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Newsbox archive - March 2003

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March 31
Daily Herald: Fermi scientist to share universal curiosity
Fermilab Arts Series, 4/5: Quartetto Gelato. Tickets are still available!
Video News Online: Fermilab Completes Very Successful LHC Magnet Test
Fermilab Colloquium, 4/2: First Results From the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) - Chuck Bennett, NASA

March 28
Accelerator Update: March 26 - March 28
Fermilab Education Office: Girls Scientific Salon, 4/5. Sign up now!

March 27
Experimental HEP Publications: What New Experimental Particle Physics Comes From US HEP Accelerators?

March 25
Scientific American: A Gamma-Ray Burst, in Detail
DASTOW '03 - Thursday, April 24

March 24
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/26: "Laboratory Astrophysics" from MeV to TeV - Michael Peskin, SLAC, Stanford University

March 21
Store #2328 sets two records

March 20
Lederman Science Center: Open this Saturday from 9-3

March 19
Fermilab Arts Series, 4/5: Quartetto Gelato. Order tickets now!
Fermilab News Story: First paper from Tevatron Run II submitted by CDF collaboration

March 18
Current Status of Access to Fermilab - Updated 3/18
Nu Horizons, 3/20: Solar Neutrinos: Current Implications & Future Possibilities - John Wilkerson, U. Washington

March 17
Accelerator Update: 3/14 - 3/17. New luminosity record: 4.06E31!
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/19: Deterrence vs. Preemption: Assessing U.S. Nuclear Policy - Stephen Schwartz, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

March 14
Spring Prairie Burns: March 14 and 15 at Fermilab
Press Release: Dr. John Marburger visits DESY
American Physical Society: QuarksUnbound
Space Journey: Travel to Mars and Beyond (12 min.)

March 13
Fermilab Lecture Series, 3/14: Mapping the Heavens - Dr. Joshua A. Frieman, Fermilab and U. Chicago

March 12
Press Release: Cornell's LEPP, CHESS research labs expected to get $124 million in NSF funding

March 11
Nu Horizons, 3/13: Atmospheric Neutrinos in the Age of Long-Baseline Experiments - Ed Kearns, Boston U.

March 10
Berkeley Lab: DOE's NERSC Center deploys 10 teraflops per second IBM supercomputer
DESY: Achievements for the remodeled HERA II accelerator facility
Fermilab's Video News Online: NuMI Tunnel Tour
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/12: An Experimental Exploration of the Quantum Vacuum through the Casimir Force - Umar Mohideen, U. California-Riverside

March 7
Lederman Science Center: Open this Saturday from 9-3
CNN: SLAC Scientists - Internet Speed Record Smashed
The next Virtual Ask-a-Scientist is March 12 from 7-9 p.m.

March 6
Fermilab Art Gallery: Mae Connor's Still and Not So Still Paintings - Artist's Reception, 3/7, 5-7 p.m.

March 5
Fermilab Film Society, 3/7: Safar e Ghandeir (Kandahar)

March 4
Boris Kayser Celebration Day, 3/6 - Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

March 3
Lederman Education Center: Girls Scientific Salon, 4/5. Sign up now!
Fermilab Colloquium, 3/5: LISA and the Future of Gravitational Wave Physics - Sterl Phinney, Caltech

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