Email signatures

An email signature has been created following similar conventions and styles as the business card and other communication materials. It is recommended to use one of these email signature options. Using a standard, consistent and clean email signature will present a more professional appearance. Consider your email signature your digital business card and include the appropriate information.

The detailed instructions below show a variety of signatures with many optional fields suitable for your specific needs. Items that should be included in your signature are the following: your name, your title, full lab name and a contact (phone, email or lab website). Some examples show two lines for phone; this is optional if one number is preferred. If a fax number is required, it can be added below the phone numbers. Email is optional for the simple signature options.

The recommended typeface to use is Helvetica or Arial. The signature should be set to 12-point type size. Various weights are used in the signature; see detailed instructions below for the appropriate weight that should be applied to each text element.

The two colors used in the email signature are NAL Blue (RGB 0,76,151) and Gray (RGB 99,102,106).