Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012

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Thursday, Aug. 2
2:30 p.m.
Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Jan Winter, CERN
Title: Top Quark FB Asymmetry in Shower Monte Carlos

3:30 p.m.


Friday, Aug. 3
3:30 p.m.


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Wilson Hall Cafe

Thursday, Aug. 2

- Breakfast: apple sticks
- Southwestern chicken tortilla
- Philly-style cheese steak
- *Garlic herb-roasted pork
- Smart cuisine: Mardi Gras jambalaya
- *Southwestern turkey wrap
- Assorted sliced pizza
- *Marinated grilled chicken Caesar salad

*Carb-restricted alternative

Wilson Hall Cafe Menu

Chez Leon

Friday, Aug. 3

Wednesday, Aug. 8
- Barbecue ribs
- Potatoes fontecchio
- Cucumber salad
- Espresso coupe

Chez Leon Menu
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Special Director's Corner

A transition

Fermilab Director
Pier Oddone

I write today to let you know that I will retire on July 1, 2013, at the completion of my eighth year as director of this great laboratory. I have asked Fermi Research Alliance to begin the selection process for the next director.

As long as I remain director, I will continue my utmost efforts to deliver value for the investments made in Fermilab and to keep our laboratory and the national particle physics community at the forefront of the global quest to discover the fundamental nature of the physical universe.

Working with Fermilab's employees and users from across the country and around the world is a wonderful experience. It has been an honor to partner with you over the past seven years to achieve significant milestones in the performance of our accelerators and detectors and in our contributions to the Large Hadron Collider, and to work with you to achieve the many discoveries from the Tevatron, the LHC, and our neutrino and cosmic frontier experiments.

With your help and support over the coming year, we will continue on the path we have laid to a long-term future of scientific discovery at Fermilab: completing the many upgrades and improvements to our accelerator complex and starting the NOvA experiment; making progress toward the new Muon Campus and Illinois Accelerator Research Center; continuing our R&D efforts toward our future particle accelerators and detectors; and working with DOE toward the next stage of approval for LBNE.

Running Fermilab is a privilege. I have no doubt that FRA will succeed in attracting a great and devoted scientist to be the next laboratory director. In the meantime, I count on your continuing support in the coming year to see the laboratory emerge stronger than ever from these turbulent times.

Editor's note: FRA has issued a press release announcing Oddone's decision; the full text is available online.

In Brief

ATLAS and CMS submit Higgs-search papers

The ATLAS and CMS collaborations submitted papers on Tuesday to the journal Physics Letters B outlining the latest on their searches for the Higgs boson. The teams report even stronger evidence for the presence of a new Higgs-like particle than announced on 4 July.

The ATLAS and CMS papers are available on the arXiv.

Special Announcement

Road D closed Aug. 6-9

Part of Fermilab's Road D will be closed from Monday, Aug. 6, to Thursday, Aug. 9. The segment that will be closed runs between Road A-1 and Road B.

The bike path from Road A-1 to Road B will remain open. However, the pedestrian crossing at the switchyard service building will be closed.

The detour route for vehicular traffic is along Roads A, A-1 and B. See this map for more information.

In the News

Nine scientists receive a new physics prize

From The New York Times, July 31, 2012

Physicists are rarely wealthy or famous, but a new prize rewarding research at the field's cutting edges has made nine of them instant multimillionaires.

The nine are recipients of the Fundamental Physics Prize, established by Yuri Milner, a Russian physics student who dropped out of graduate school in 1989 and later earned billions investing in Internet companies like Facebook and Groupon.

"It knocked me off my feet," said Alan H. Guth, a professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who was among the winners. He came up with the idea of cosmic inflation, that there was a period of extremely rapid expansion in the first instant of the universe.

The $3 million has already appeared in Dr. Guth's bank account, one that had had a balance of $200. "Suddenly, it said, $3,000,200," he said. "The bank charged a $12 wire transfer fee, but that was easily affordable."

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Result of the Week

Tevatron publishes evidence in search for a Higgs

The combined CDF and DZero search for the Higgs boson decaying to a pair of bottom quarks revealed evidence for a particle consistent with the Standard Model prediction.

The month of July 2012 is bound to be remembered as the crescendo of the summer of the Higgs boson. It began with the announcement of results from the Tevatron's search for the Standard Model Higgs boson, followed immediately by reports of the observation of a new particle by the LHC experiments. As the month continued, the CDF and DZero experiments released 10 publications on Higgs searches in multiple decay channels, building the pillars of the Tevatron's search for the Higgs boson in the state most difficult to pursue at the LHC, the Higgs boson decaying into two bottom quarks. Last week ended with the submission of the keystone paper in that combined effort, in which CDF and DZero announce finding evidence of a particle in the bottom quark pair search channel.

However, the Standard Model is not the only theory that predicts a new particle compatible with the experiments' current observations. Now that this new particle has been found, the high-energy physics community is switching gears from conducting searches to performing measurements.

If this new particle is the Higgs boson, the Standard Model predicts its behavior with high accuracy. The Standard Model dictates how often it should be produced in particle collisions and the different rates at which it should decay into pairs of bottom quarks, photons, Z bosons and other particles. If any of these properties are found to be inconsistent with the Standard Model prediction, then this new particle may be the first indication of new physics beyond the Standard Model.

The CDF and DZero experiments are particularly sensitive to the Higgs boson's decays to pairs of bottom quarks, the most probable decay channel of the low-mass Higgs boson, which complements the favored search channels in pairs of Z bosons or photons at the LHC. Had the Tevatron experiments' combined search for the Standard Model Higgs boson failed to find a sign for a new particle in decays to pairs of bottom quarks, it might have indicated that the newly observed particle was not the Higgs boson predicted by the Standard Model. So far, these exciting results paint a picture consistent with the expected behavior of a Standard Model Higgs boson, but the study of its properties has only just begun.

—Mike Cooke

The CDF and DZero collaborations thank AD, PPD and CD for the important fundamental contributions they have made to our physics program. We acknowledge support from many national and international funding agencies, especially DOE and NSF.

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International Folk Dance in Kuhn Barn - today; in Auditorium for rest of August

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Martial Arts classes - begin Aug. 6

Muscle Toning classes - begin Aug. 7

Heartland Blood Drive - Aug. 13-14

Drawing to win palm tree - Aug. 15

University of Chicago Tuition Remission Program deadline - Aug. 17

Howard Levy & Chris Siebold - Aug. 18

URA Visiting Scholars Program deadline - Aug. 27

Project Management Introduction class - Sept. 10-14

Fermilab Management Practices Seminar - begins Oct. 4

Interpersonal communication skills training - Nov. 14

Outdoor soccer - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m.

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