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Profiles in Safety

"Safety starts days or weeks before the actual job. Think through the job and all the possible hazards that could emerge. Make a plan and a backup plan to deal with each hazard. Don't wait until you are in danger to realize you aren't prepared."
Donna Hicks
"In the Receiving Department, safety is always the top priority. To reduce the amount of lifting and bending, a member of our team suggested using a conveyor system to lower the potential for injury."
Dennis McAuliff
"Safety takes a team effort just like football. If one member of the team is injured, everyone on the team is affected. Before doing a job, just like running a play, everyone should know their part and what their teammates will do. Communication maintains a team focus."
Steven Shirley
"Safety doesn't occur in a vacuum. No one knows the dangers associated with your work better than you do. If you team up with ES&H to write a job safety checklist that is simple and clear, you will reduce the risk of an accident."
Terry Tope
"I take a preemptive approach to safety by "thinking safety" 24/7, rather than 9 to 5. This forces me to analyze my daily tasks at home, at work or at play."
Curtis R. Danner
"We broke new ES&H ground in many areas on NuMI/MINOS. We had to work as a team, physicists and ES&H staff, to find creative, realistic solutions. It was a difficult but exhilarating experience."
Nancy Grossman
"Installing the magnets safely into the NuMI Pre-Target Tunnel was one of the highest priorities from the start of the project. Due to the limited space in the tunnel, we designed a system of custom-made carts and a winch..."
Mayling Wong
"When the safety and health climate at Fermilab changed in 1999, our group began looking at safety in a new light. Instead of looking outside our group for safety direction as in the past, we realized that we should be driving our safety program from within."
Mike Becker
"Safety needs to be considered in all our activities. As Chairman of the Auditorium Committee I felt it was necessary to improve the conditions for Committee Members working on stage lights in the Auditorium."
Ray Yarema

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