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Fermilab Announcements policy

Announcements must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. (noon) the day before the desired run date. Last-minute announcements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To place an urgent announcement into Fermilab Today, please contact the Office of Communication at 630-840-3351.

Announcements will run from the time they are submitted until the selected expiration date, which may be no later than one month after the submission date. Anyone who would like to run his or her announcement for longer than one month will need to resubmit the announcement after the first submission expires.

Announcements in Fermilab Today must pertain to Fermilab or to an event that takes place at Fermilab. To call attention to nonFermilab events or to events that take place off site, please submit a classified ad.

Fermilab Today staff will feature as many headlines as space permits in Fermilab Today and link to the announcements on the Announcements Web page.

Priority listing in Fermilab Today will go to announcements with impending deadlines.

The person submitting an announcement for an event held at Fermilab is responsible to check that a Facilities Request Form has been submitted for the event. If the event involves the display of products by a vendor, please obtain the necessary approvals as outlined in the Fermilab Procurement Policy and Procedures Manual.

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