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Wednesday, Sept. 30
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  • U.S. manufacturer passes SRF cavity benchmark
  • From the WDRS: Putting your ideas to work
  • ES&H weekly report: Sept. 29, 2009
  • Prairie Seed Harvest Oct. 3
  • From Batavia Republican, Sept. 28, 2009: Batavia artist donates painting to fight hunger

Tuesday, Sept. 29
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  • East gate change Q&A
  • Director's Corner: An unusual visit
  • Restored prairie attracts local species, students
  • Computer Security Awareness Day talks today
  • From BBC News, Sept. 28, 2009: LHC gets warning system upgrade

Monday, Sept. 28
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  • Mentors wanted for Diversity Office's FermiLINK program
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Health: Childhood vaccination for whooping cough wears off
  • From Quantum Diaries: Last shift
  • From The Guardian, Sept. 22, 2009: Is the Large Hadron Collider worth its massive price tag?

Friday, Sept. 25
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  • From symmetry breaking: JLab, Fermilab collaboration keeps things humming
  • NOvA uses Recovery Act funds to prepare Fermilab
  • Classes, events and discounts for October
  • Computer Security Awareness Day
  • Oddone, Tollestrup speak at scientific discussion Sept. 28
  • From Suburban Chicago News, Sept. 24, 2009: Astronomy Day planned in Naperville

Thursday, Sept. 24
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  • East gate to close 1 to 5 a.m. beginning in November
  • Result of the Week: A tip-top analysis
  • University Profile: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Video of the Day: Fighting the flu
  • From symmetry breaking: Fermilab workshop to explore how proton accelerators could produce nuclear energy
  • From, Sept. 23, 2009: Department of Energy announces accelerator symposium

Wednesday, Sept. 23
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  • Summer students’ work aids mu2e experiment
  • From the Particle Physics Division: Our collider detectors: tuned and taking data
  • Prairie Seed Harvest Oct. 3
  • Benefits announcement: Submit advance leave agreement form
  • From Physics World, Sept. 21, 2009: Is dark matter mostly 'dark atoms'?

Tuesday, Sept. 22
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  • Tune IT Up: IMAP password reminder
  • Director's Corner: WIN09
  • Fermilab aids earthquake engineering network
  • Spanish, Latin art lecture at 12:15 p.m today in Curia II
  • Photo of the Day: TD celebrates 1 million hours worked without injuries
  • From Quantum Diaries: The Tevatron is Back!
  • From Discover Magazine's Cosmic Variance, Sept. 21, 2009: Endgame for the Tevatron

Monday, Sept. 21
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  • Shutdown, startup put Tevatron back in business
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Safety: Collisions can be a dark matter
  • Flu shots available for high risk employees Oct. 1
  • Interview with CERN Director General Rolf Heuer

Friday, Sept. 18
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  • Benefits announcement: Temporary flu leave policy now available online
  • Dark matter search moves forward with prototype test
  • Recovery Act funds high-availability computing center
  • Wilson Hall domestic water service interruption Sunday
  • Buffalo Fest today
  • Tune IT Up: IMAP password reminder
  • From Daily Herald, Sept. 17, 2009: Local small businesses make contacts

Thursday, Sept. 17
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  • Visa issue expert Susan Brown helps foreign visitors
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Subatomic taffy and the strong force
  • University Profile: College of William and Mary
  • From Science News, Sept. 19, 2009: Interview: Murray Gell-Mann

Wednesday, Sept. 16
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  • Mosaico Hispanico
  • From the CMS Center: Ready to go
  • Tune IT Up Q&A
  • From symmetrybreaking, Sept. 11, 2009: Gamma-ray burst hits highest energy yet

Tuesday, Sept. 15
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  • Flamenco, folk music, food mark Hispanic Heritage month
  • Director's Corner: Gran Sasso-Fermilab meeting
  • Photo of the Day: Fermilab in morning fog
  • From Science News, Sept. 26, 2009: Hunting hidden dimensions

Monday, Sept. 14
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  • From symmetry breaking: Inventing a thingamajig for NuMI's "mission impossible"
  • ES&H Tips of the Week - Environment: Environmental protection question? Contact your EO
  • From Wired Science, Sept. 9, 2009: Last days of big American physics: one more triumph, or just another heartbreak?

Friday, Sept. 11
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  • CMS Result of the Month: Top like you never saw it before
  • Recovery Act Feature: It starts with a hole
  • URA Visiting Scholars applications due Sept. 18
  • Tune IT Up: IMAP password reminder
  • From New Scientist, Sept. 9, 2009: Black holes are the ultimate particle smashers

Thursday, Sept. 10
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  • Fermilab’s future needs quality and safety now
  • Result of the Week: CDF soups up its Higgs analysis machine
  • New Quality Assurance site features links and Q&As
  • Project X collaboration meeting Friday, Saturday

Wednesday, Sept. 9
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  • All-Hands meeting 11 a.m. today in Auditorium
  • Baltimore butterflies relocate to Fermilab
  • New federal regulation may mean staff will contact you
  • From the Business Services Section: Preparing for flu season
  • ES&H weekly report: Sept. 8, 2009
  • From, Sept. 9, 2009: Space station experiment to hunt antimatter galaxies

Tuesday, Sept. 8
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  • All-Hands meeting 11 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9
  • Ned Goldwasser comes home to celebrate 90th birthday
  • Director's Corner: An unusual visit
  • From CERN Bulletin, Sept. 7, 2009: 3.5 TeV : a good start!

Friday, Sept. 4
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  • Fermilab life of LabFest
  • Recovery Act Feature: ARRA funds SRF technology, U.S. industry to benefit
  • Photo of the Day: Giant puff ball fungus from Fermilab's forestr
  • From New Scientist, Aug. 31, 2009: Tevatron tightens up the race for the Higgs
  • From symmetrybreaking: Turkey plans an accelerator center

Thursday, Sept. 3
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  • All-Hands meeting 11 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9
  • Quality Assurance: Audit coming up: Know your representative
  • University Profile: The University of Manchester
  • Result of the Week: Quantum mechanics, DZero style
  • From Batavia Republican, Sept. 2, 2009: Museum brings new butterflies to Fermilab

Wednesday, Sept. 2
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  • Ned Goldwasser to give special colloquium today
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: The bedrock of collaboration
  • Fermilab launches muon collider Web site
  • Explanation of the Day: Physics potential of muons
  • ES&H weekly report Sept. 1, 2009
  • From Universe Today, Aug. 28, 2009: COLBERT, Leonardo and a neutralino heading for space station
  • From symmetrybreaking: Particle plushie designer digs Fermilab

Tuesday, Sept. 1
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  • Ned Goldwasser to give special colloquium Wednesday
  • Director's Corner: On vacation
  • Photo of the Day: Shutdown: CDF detector open for repairs and upgrades
  • New siren preserves energy and lives
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