Questions to ask your parents

Here are some questions and topics to help you get more out of your day at work with your parents.

  • What do they like best and find most rewarding about their work?
  • Do they ever make mistakes? What happens when they do?
  • Do they have to do homework?
  • What's the hardest part of their work?
  • How did they get interested in doing this kind of work?
  • What advice do they have for someone starting out in this field, or for someone interested in studying this field?
  • How do they balance their time for work and family?
  • And anything else you can think of.

General information

  1. The lab environment encompasses many different kinds of work, some highly industrial in nature, and safety MUST be the top priority of everyone on the lab site.
  2. Please check with your supervisor to make sure it's OK for you to participate in DASTOW activities.
  3. Small children MUST remain with their parents at all times, and ALL children must be on their best and safest behavior.
  4. Again: In every situation and every activity, SAFETY is the top priority.

Let's all have a fun and SAFE day!

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Last modified: 03/21/2019