Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Wednesday, June 5

3:30 p.m.


Thursday, June 6

2:30 p.m.
Theoretical Physics Seminar - Curia II
Speaker: Juan Herrero-Garcia, University of Valencia
Title: On the Dark Matter Annual Modulation Signal

3:30 p.m.

4 p.m.
Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar (NOTE DATE, LOCATION) - AD X-Gallery
Speaker: Richard D'Arcy, University College of London
Title: Front End Test Stand (FETS): RFQ Simulations and MEBT Beam Diagnostics

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Wednesday, June 5

- Breakfast: crustless quiche casserole
- Breakfast: ham, egg and cheese English muffin
- Teriyaki chicken breast
- Smart cuisine: braised beef with vegetables
- Seafood newburg
- Grilled-vegetable sandwich
- Mandarin orange pecan chicken salad
- Cuban black-bean soup
- Texas-style chili
- Assorted calzones

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Chez Leon

Wednesday, June 5
- Ham and gruyere crepes
- Garden herb salad with roasted-shallot vinaigrette
- Strawberry almond tart

Friday, June 7

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Press Release

Famed physicist Sean Carroll to speak at Fermilab June 12

Sean Carroll

There are few pleasures greater than listening to someone who can communicate big ideas in an understandable and exciting way.

Sean Carroll is one of those people. A theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology, Carroll is fascinated by the big questions about the origins and makeup of the universe, particularly after last year's discovery of the Higgs boson. On Wednesday, June 12, at 8 p.m., he'll talk about those big questions at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Tickets for Carroll's talk are $7 and can be purchased at

Carroll's talk, presented as part of the Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series, is titled "Particles, Fields and the Future of Physics." He will discuss the next steps in particle physics now that the Higgs has been found. What new particles might await discovery? What are the secrets of dark matter and dark energy, which make up most of our universe? What directions will physics take over the next 10 years to solve these mysteries?

Carroll is the author of three books, including the most recent, "The Particle at the End of the Universe," published in November 2012. The book details the search for the Higgs boson. His most famous book is 2010's "From Eternity to Here," which discusses the theories of time (and, yes, time travel). Carroll has appeared on "The Colbert Report," "Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman" and other programs to promote his work.

"We're thrilled to have a theorist like Sean Carroll come to Fermilab," said Janet MacKay-Galbraith, program manager for the Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series. "Making complex science relatable and exciting for people is what he—and we—are all about."

Carroll's talk will cap off a worldwide event celebrating the completion of the design phase of the International Linear Collider, a massive device that would complement the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. A team of scientists, engineers and technicians from more than 300 laboratories and institutions around the world has been working for more than 10 years on the design of the collider.

On June 12, the Global Design Effort will officially submit its technical design report to the International Committee for Future Accelerators. The design of the ILC calls for two linear accelerators to be built facing one another. The entire structure would be more than 19 miles long and would collide particles at roughly 500 billion electronvolts.

The collider will help scientists unlock further mysteries about the origins and properties of matter.

The Global Design Effort will celebrate the completed design report on June 12 with an event in three countries: Japan, Switzerland and the United States. Fermilab will host the U.S. portion of the program.

"It is a major challenge to develop an electron-positron collider that will complement the LHC, but we're very pleased to have the design phase completed," said Barry Barish, director of the Global Design Effort. "This worldwide celebration marks the end of one chapter and the start of the next."

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Video of the Day

Why supersymmetry?

US CMS Education and Outreach Coordinator Don Lincoln explains some of the reasons that physicists are so interested in supersymmetry. Supersymmetry can explain the low mass of the Higgs boson, provide a source of dark matter and make it more likely that the known subatomic forces are really different facets of a single, common force. View the video. Video: Fermilab
Photo of the Day

Knight of yore

On Sept. 19, 1986, as part of a lab-wide party, then-director Leon Lederman inspired fellow physicists on the noble quest for knowledge by donning a knight's suit of armor and ascending the stairs in front of Wilson Hall on his horse Cody. Photo courtesy of Ellen Lederman
In the News

The evolution of hadron-collider experiments

From Physics Today, June 2013

In particle-physics experiments, the discovery of increasingly more massive particles has brought deep understanding of the basic constituents of matter and the fundamental forces between them. Such discoveries are made possible by accelerator beams of ever more energetic particles.

Read more

In the News

Synopsis: Asymmetry in strange-beauty mesons

From Physics, May 30, 2013

In particle physics, a rare event is a thing of beauty—even if it's expected. The standard model of particle physics predicts that most particles follow the same laws of physics as their mirror inverse antiparticles—an equivalence called charge-parity (CP) symmetry. Now the LHCb experiment at CERN has observed one of the rare—albeit predicted—exceptions for the first time. The collaborators measured CP violation in a comparison between the decay of strange-beauty mesons (bound states of an antibottom quark and a strange quark) and their antiparticles.

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From the Finance Section

New Finance website

Cindy Conger

Cindy Conger, head of the Finance Section, wrote this column.

The Finance Section recently unveiled a new website. With the help of the Core Computing Division and Jean Reising of the Business Services Section, the re-designed SharePoint-based site will make it easy to find the finance-related information you're looking for. If you visit the previous Finance Section website, you should be redirected to the new site automatically.

The new Doing Business with Fermilab Finance area of the site includes useful information for user institutions and suppliers regarding Finance Section contacts, indirect rates and accounts payable processing. This area of the site does not require a login ID.

For those who have a Services password, access is available to the internal user site, which includes the Web pages Rates, Reports and Policies; Reimbursement Services and Cashier; and Time, Attendance and Payroll.

Available from anywhere within the internal user site is the most popular link—WebQueries. Budget, costs and obligations of particular projects and tasks can be accessed with the task summary report and the task transaction detail reports; the status of accounts-receivable agreements is accessible via the AR agreement and invoice recap query; and specific requisitions and purchase orders can be found using eponymous queries.

Many other useful forms, policies, financial statements and links are available on the site, as is the Finance Section organization chart.

I hope you'll visit the new site soon. We'd love to hear from you on how we can make the site more helpful and user-friendly in delivering financial services and information.

Accelerator Update

Accelerator update, May 31, 2013

Editor's note: As Fermilab is getting closer to finishing substantial upgrades to its accelerator complex, Fermilab Today will post updates on the work going on in the accelerator tunnels. The Accelerator Division aims to send first beam through the Main Injector later this month, and the commissioning of the revamped Recycler storage ring is scheduled to begin in July.

The Recycler-30 straight section. Photo: Marty Murphy, AD

Rigging contractors and technicians completed the installation of shielding around the primary collimator located in the Recycler-30 straight section (see photo).

Main Injector
Vacuum technicians completed the leak check for the MI 52 Lambertson magnet. Interlock technicians re-cored the gate and door locks and conducted interlock system test. Accelerator experts and operators cleared all the MI buss faults and then successfully conducted low pots and high pots.

NuMI Beamline
Installation of horn 1 and horn 2 is complete.

Alignment techs completed verification of all components in the 8 GeV area, as well as portions of the Main Injector and Recycler areas.

ES&H personnel report that area walkthroughs continue to yield very good results. They commended employees for using personal protective equipment and performing pre-job planning.

More information is available in this PowerPoint presentation. View the AD Operations Department schedule.

Safety Update

ESH&Q weekly report, June 4

This week's safety report, compiled by the Fermilab ESH&Q section, contains two incidents.

An employee fell and struck his upper arm and back when the top bar of a commercially procured pipe rack detached from the bed of a pick-up truck. He received first-aid treatment.

A subcontractor sustained a sprain in his left wrist after losing his balance and falling off a stepstool.

Find the full report here.


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