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Accelerator Update - July 25-July 28

Friday July 25
The day shift started with store #2817 colliding, AntiProton Source (Pbar) stacking, and beam to Miniboone.

Stacking and beam to Miniboone were intermittent between 8:30 AM and 11:40 AM due to a problem with a Main Injector (MI) trim power supply. The supply was eventually replaced.

Switchyard studies began at 12:17 PM.

Recycler (RR) studies began at 2:23 PM.

Slipstacking studies began at 2:41 PM.

Stacking, miniboone and studies were halted between 4:24 PM and 6:47 PM due to a Booster power supply tripping off. Insufficient cooling to the supply caused the trip.

Store #2817 was terminated at 7:15 PM

After a short D0 access and problems with a Tevatron (Tev) crate power supply the Tev went into ~ 1 hour of studies.

Switchyard studies ended at 10:50 PM.

Saturday July 26
The midnight shift started with the Tev in shot setup

Store #2821 was colliding by 1:55 AM with an initial luminosity of 40.44e30. We then returned to stacking.

They monitored the store and stacked for the rest of the day.

Switchyard 120 came on for studies between 4:20 PM and 7:47 PM.

Store #2821 was terminated at 11:30 PM.

Sunday July 27
Shot setup for the Tev began at 1:10 AM, with store #2824 colliding by 3:04 AM with an initial average luminosity of 45.34e30. This is a new record.

At 3:07 AM Pbar returned to stacking.

The day shift started with store #2824 colliding, AntiProton Source (Pbar) stacking, and beam to Miniboone.

Lost store #2824 at 5:38 PM due to a quench at E2. The quench appeared to be caused by vacuum and/or a leaking kautzky valve. It was decided to wait until after the next store to look at these problems.

The Tev quench recovery was completed by 11:30 PM.

Monday July 28
Store #2826 was colliding by 2:30 AM with an initial luminosity of 37.2e30. We then returned to stacking.

Today's Plan
Continue stacking and storing, and sending beam to MiniBoone.

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