Fermilab Today June 16 - June 20, 2014

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What’s new in SharePoint 2013
This seminar is intended for general users of SharePoint and will be held Thursday, June 19, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in FCC1W.

Yoga classes on Mondays or Thursdays
Stretch, move, and refresh in this all-level Yoga class taught by certified instructor, DeeAnn Carlson. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this class will help you feel both energized and relaxed. Alignment-based poses and flowing movement combine to improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Please bring your own yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. Monday classes are June 30-August 4, 12-12:45pm, in the WHGFE Training Room. Fee is $45. Register by June 23rd. Thursday classes are June 26–July 31, 12-12:45pm, in the WHGFE Training Room. Fee is $45. Register by June 19th. For more info contact Jeanne in the Wellness Office at jecker@fnal.gov or x2548.

Sitewide domestic hydrant flushing - June 28-29
FESS/Operations have scheduled the annual Site Wide Domestic Hydrant Flushing process for Saturday 6-28-2014 & Sunday 6-29-2014, 0700 to 1700 (weather permitting). During the flushing process you may notice momentary pressure drops, discoloration of the water during and after the flushing process. If you have any further questions or comments please contact John Pollock X-5253, cell 630-659-6211, email pollockj@fnal.gov or Scott Dowell X-6841, cell 630-338-3437, email sdowell@fnal.gov.

Butts and Guts class
Butts & Guts will be held on Fridays, June 27 – August 22 (no class July 4) in the Fitness Center Exercise Room from 11:45am-12:30pm. Fee is $60/person. Register by June 20th. For more info contact Jeanne in the Wellness Office at jecker@fnal.gov or x2548. http://wdrs.fnal.gov/wellness/classes.html

New updates available for Mac computers - June 12
On Thursday, June 12 at 7:00 a.m. the Core Computing Division (CCD) is enabling the 10.9.3 update for Mac computers currently running OS X Mavericks and Safari 7.0.4. CCD will also enable the 6.1.4 update for Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and Lion (OS X 10.7). Mac users should receive an alert, but if not then a software update check can be done by selecting Software Update in the Apple menu item in the main menu bar. By installing the update manually now, you can do the required restart at your own convenience. Automated install will begin on approximately Tuesday, July 8. If you do not see the updates, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Study of Genesis through Ancient Eyes begins June 24
On June 24, the Bible Exploration for Lunch League plans to begin viewing & discussing a 6-part video called "Origins Today: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes" by Wheaton College Professor John H. Walton, a Hebrew scholar. The video presents the perspective that the original recipients would have viewed the creation story in Genesis 1 as being like a temple dedication story that only describes function and says nothing about how creation was done or how long it took. All are welcome to join us in the Quarium WH8SW Tuesdays at noon. If you have questions contact bellweb@fnal.gov.

FermiWorks training for managers
All supervisors and managers are encouraged to attend a classroom training session on FermiWorks, the new human resource manager system that will launch on June 30. Classes begin on June 17 and enrollment is now available on TRAIN http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=8599.

Outdoor Soccer
Outdoor Soccer is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Village Soccer Field. Please contact O'Sheg Oshinowo for more information.

Planning to attend DASTOW on June 20?
Be sure to register at http://eddata.fnal.gov/lasso/program_search/dastow-activities.lasso for Physics Fun on 15, hands-on science activities for children offered by Fermilab's Education Office. For a complete schedule of the day's events, visit the DASTOW website at http://www.fnal.gov/faw/dastow/.

Zumba Fitness
Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party. Zumba® Fitness classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you'll be getting fit and your energy levels will soar! It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating. The next session will be held on Thursdays, June 26 – July 24 at the Fitness Center Exercise Room from 11:45am – 12:30pm. Fee is $35/person. Register by June 19. http://wdrs.fnal.gov/wellness/classes.html

Fermilab Lecture Series Presents Particle Fever with Q&A - June 20
This award winning documentary has been winning over audiences across the country. Don't miss the special viewing, followed by Q&A with Jimmy Proudfoot of ATLAS and Jim Hirschauer of CMS. For the first time, a film gives audiences a front row seat to a significant and inspiring scientific breakthrough as it happens. Particle Fever follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, marking the start-up of the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet, pushing the edge of human innovation. Tix are $7 and available on-line w/no additional fees at www.fnal.gov/culture, by phone @ 840.2787 or @ atrium desk. Info at www.fnal.gov/culture

Scottish country dancing not meeting June 10, moves to Ramsey Auditorium starting June 17
Scottish country dancing is not meeting on Tuesday, June 10, and will move to Ramsey Auditorium for the summer, starting June 17. Until then, weekly meetings continue at Kuhn Barn, with dancing from 7:30 to 10 p.m. The times on summer Tuesdays in Ramsey Auditorium will be the same. The group is taught by Doug Jensen. Newcomers are always welcome and are paired with experienced dancers -- no need to come with a partner. For more information email folkdance@fnal.gov or check http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/scottishdance/ or call (630)840-8194 or (630)584-0825.

International folk dancing cancelled May 29 and June 12, meeting in Barn June 5, and Ramsey Auditorium June 19
International folk dancing is not meeting Thursday, May 29, nor on June 12. Dancing will however take place in Kuhn Barn on June 5, at the usual times, from 7:30 to 10 p.m. After that, dancing moves to Ramsey Auditorium for the summer, from June 19, weekly on through August. Newcomers are always welcome. There is instruction and dances for children and newer dancers early and request dancing later on. For more information email folkdance@fnal.gov or check http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/folkdance/ or call (630)584-0825 or (630)840- 8194.

Registering your personal device to access the Fermilab network
If you have a personal device you would like to use on the Fermilab network, a new form is available on the Service Desk web site to register the device and gain access to the network at https://fermi.service-now.com/com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_view.do?sysparm_id=afd29c2dcc6dcd80f9e6f19b4c359c2a. From the Service Desk home page, click "Service Catalog," then “Register/Update/Unregister a Personally Owned Device.” Personally owned devices such as tablets or cell phones can now be registered using this form. Links to register a device owned by Fermilab, another institution or university are also available in the Service Desk Service Catalog.