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Monday, June 30
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  • All Hands meeting 11:15 a.m. Wednesday in Auditorium
  • CMS 101 tutorials prepare students for analysis
  • Photo of the Day: Computing Division logs 3 million safe hours
  • Safety Tip: Safety feedback
  • From New Scientist, June 26, 2008: 'Frozen' stars could shed light on dark matter

Friday, June 27
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  • Special Director's Corner: Great News!!
  • Photo of the Day: Enrico Fermi descendants tour namesake laboratory
  • Barb Kristen retires today
  • From Kane County Chronicle, June 27, 2008: U.S. Senate approves funding bill for Fermilab
  • From iSGTW: Grid computing walks the standard line: thinking inside the box

Thursday, June 26
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  • Let the physics begin
  • Photo of the Day: GSA poster award winners
  • Result of the Week: Are stop and top fraternal twins?
  • From MSNBC Cosmic Log, June 24, 2008: Doomsday lawsuit dissed

Wednesday, June 25
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  • Theorists look to test ideas with space data
  • In Memoriam: Charles Bonham
  • From the Particle Physics Division: Four years
  • From, June 25, 2008: Huge lenses to observe cosmic dark energy

Tuesday, June 24
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  • "Déjà Vu" movie time machine inspired by CDF detector
  • Director's Corner: Update
  • Science Adventure program registration ends today
  • From BBC News, June 23, 2008: Earth 'not at risk' from collider

Monday, June 23
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  • CERN Council looks forward to LHC start-up
  • Safety Tip: Safety feedback
  • Fermilab pool opening July 1
  • Science in Art 2008 issues call for art
  • From Crain's Chicago Business, June 20, 2008: Bailout for Fermilab, Argonne nears

Friday, June 20
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  • Voluntary layoffs
  • Illinois breaks ground on state's first proton-therapy center
  • From iSGTW: The U.S. embraces HealthGrid
  • From Beacon News, June 20, 2008: House action hailed as solution to Fermilab's funding woes

Thursday, June 19
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  • Former summer intern helps boost nanotechnology
  • Fermilab Result of the Week: Upstaging the W boson
  • From AIP FYI, June 18, 2008: House appropriators release FY2009 Department of Energy funding bill
  • Announcement: Groundbreaking today for NIU proton therapy center

Wednesday, June 18
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  • Critter-gitter explains how Fermilab balances wildlife
  • Accelerators, DZero tune up for discoveries
  • From New Scientist blogs, June 13, 2008: British satirist Chris Morris talks physics at CERN
  • From USA Today, June 17, 2008: Sun might hold secret of dark matter

Tuesday, June 17
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  • Lessons learned: CDF and DZero share tips with CMS
  • Education
  • From Times Online, June 14, 2008: Nobel prize physicist in the making
  • From nature, June 13, 2008: Chillin' out at the LHC

Monday, June 16
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  • Lessons learned: CDF and DZero share tips with CMS
  • From the WDRS: Update on layoffs
  • Photo of the Day: 41-year anniversary
  • From nature, June 13, 2008: The price isn't right

Friday, June 13
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  • DZero founder turns 7-Zero, to accolades
  • From iSGTW: A slimmer Milky Way
  • Voluntary layoff information
  • From New Scientist, June 12, 2008: Would an antimatter apple fall up?

Thursday, June 12
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  • "Final Theory" part science fiction, part physics lesson
  • Photo of the Day: At the end of the rainbow
  • Result of the Week: Hungry for the Higgs
  • From New York Times, June 10, 2008: Physicists in Congress calculate their influence
  • From Chicago Tribune, June 12, 2008: Batavia laboratory contributes key component of NASA telescope

Wednesday, June 11
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  • NASA's GLAST scheduled to launch today
  • Citizens' task force delivers recommendations
  • Parking restricted for Wilson Hall repairs
  • From the CMS Center: Testing by acronyms
  • Voluntary layoff information
  • ES&H weekly report, June 10

Tuesday, June 10
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  • P5 roadmap, Fermilab future focus of workshop
  • Director's Corner: Users' Meeting
  • From TIME, June 2008: Photo essay: The Large Hadron Particle Collider
  • From Daily Herald, June 7, 2008: Fermilab needs boost from energy bill

Monday, June 9
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  • 750 employees offered voluntary separation
    First step in staff reduction of 140
  • Safety Tip of the Week: The heat is on
  • From AIP FYI, June 6, 2008: Appropriations Update: FY2008 and FY2009
  • From, June 5, 2008: INFN researcher invents a new technique for particle accelerators

Friday, June 6
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  • Voluntary separation information update
  • Fermilab users consider opportunity, challenges
  • From symmetry breaking: Tech magnate donates another $50 million to Canada's Perimeter Institute
  • From iSGTW: Friendly but fierce competition for the Higgs

Thursday, June 5
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  • Users' Meeting today
  • Fermilab hears views from Washington, D.C.
  • From symmetry breaking: Fermilab still in race for Higgs boson
  • Result of the Week: Things that go "bump" in the dark
  • From New Scientist Space, June 4, 2008: Nearby galaxies are chock-full of dark matter

Wednesday, June 4
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  • Users' Meeting begins today
  • Project X, P5-report alignment focus of third workshop
  • URA selects two winners of 11th thesis competition
  • From the Technical Division: Optics crucial to achieve long-term vision for LHC
  • ES&H weekly report, June 3

Tuesday, June 3
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  • Users' Meeting provides glimpse into Fermilab future
  • Director's Corner: HEPAP and P5
  • Photo of the Day: DZero collaborators plan, celebrate at May meeting
  • From Daily Herald, June 1, 2008: $5 million anonymous donation will help Fermilab through October
  • From, May 28, 2008: High-energy physics labs join to build a new scientific information system spared the axe

Monday, June 2
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  • Fermilab built parts to help GLAST search for dark matter
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Give safety a hand
  • In Memoriam: Art Neubauer
  • From Science, May 30, 2008: Particle Physics: Does Fermilab have a future?
  • From New Scientist, May 30, 2008: US particle physics spared the axe
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