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Particle theories
Quantum fields, superstrings and all that

  1. Scattering matrix
    "Could you please help me by explaining what is actually meant by S-matrix?"

  2. Concept of ether in explaining forces?
    "Will there be any research carried out in the near or distant future to find a physical relationship between gravity, mass, light, matter/antimatter through something like the idea of ether hundred years ago?"

  3. Consequences of the success of superstring theory?
    "What will be the consequences if superstring theory is successful? Will physics come to an end?"

  4. The smallest constituents of matter
      1. Do you think the particle model of matter is true? Why?

      2. If all matter is made up of particles, then what are particles made up of?

  5. Is the top quark the end of the particle line?
    "Why do you think the top quark is the end of the particle line?"

  6. Are Feynman's statements correct?
    "In a book with a series of lectures, Feynman insists that:
    1) There is no need for an uncertainty principle
    2) Photons can travel slower or faster than lightspeed
    3) Photons reflect from a mirror in ALL angles.
    Is he right?"

  7. Living in extra dimensions
    "If two-dimensional people possess no mass in the third dimension, then how can a three-dimensional sphere attract them?"

  8. Do gravitons exist?
    "A book mentioned a theoretical boson called a graviton that would be responsible for the force of gravity. Is there any evidence that it might exist?"

  9. Wave Mechanics Comment
    "I am interested in quantum mechanics and have done some reading into it before I looked it up on the internet."

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