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Bosons and Antiparticles

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hi, i am an undergraduate student. I have a question on anti-particle. Is there negative energy state for the boson in the relativistic quantum mechanic? Then how the anti-particle of bosons can be understood with the comparision to the existance of the positron by the Dirac's negative sea (since boson do not obey the exclusion principle)?

Thank You for your help

There is no negative energy state for the bosons. The bosons do not have anti-particles!

In fact an interesting phenomenon occurs whenever a boson has a negative squared-mass: there is a phase transition in which the properties of the vacuum change and in the end the particle acquires a positive mass (this is the Higgs mechanism in the Standard Model of particle physics).

Please let me know if you find this answer helpful.

Bogdan Dobrescu

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last modified 3/13/2000