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Discoveries at Fermilab - The Top Quark

1995 top discovery in pictures

CDF experiment detector
CDF technicians perform maintenance on the central section of the Collider Detector at Fermilab. For operation, the 5,000-ton CDF detector is moved on rollers from the maintenance area into the experiment's collision hall in the accelerator ring to detect the particles produced in collisions between protons and antiprotons moving at nearly the speed of light.
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DZero experiment control room
As the detector measures the directions and energies of particles created in 400,000 proton-antiproton collisions each second, physicists in the experiment's control room monitor the detector's performance.
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Electronic particle signatures
Physicists recognize particles produced in collisions by their electronic signatures, shown graphically by computers. The circle shows a computer-generated view of a potential top quark signature, with particle tracks emerging from the center of a collision.
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Press conference
Fermilab director John Peoples had to answer many questions at the top quark press conference.
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