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Applications must include a curriculum vitae, and a selected publication list. In addition we request a two-page proposal describing the major contribution that will be made to the Intensity Frontier during the Fellowship, current compensation, and requested dates of support. Applicants should also supply two letters of support, preferably from colleagues in leadership positions related to your project.

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Past and Current Fellows

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All Fellowships & Awards

Intensity Frontier Fellowship Program

Award Year 2019

Lily Asquith
Carla Bonifazi
Eldwan Brianne
Steven Calvez
Bhupal Dev
  • Bhupal Dev
  • Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
  • Research Project:
Hongyue Duyang
Daniele Gibin
Huma Haider
Fabio Happacher
Joshua Hoskins
Marco Incagli
Alexander Keshavarzi
Minjung Kim
James Miller
Ryan Plestid
  • Ryan Plestid
  • Institution: University of Kentucky
  • Research Project:
Matthew Strait
Yagmur Torun
Aiwu Zhang
  • Aiwu Zhang
  • Institution: Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Research Project: SBN

Award Year 2018

Adi Ashkenazi
Heng-Ye Liao
Kevin McFarland
Elena Pedreschi
Alex Sousa
Martin Tzanov
Jingbo Wang
  • Jingbo Wang
  • Institution: University of California, Davis
  • Research Project: DUNE
Ying Wang
  • Ying Wang
  • Institution: Sun Yat-Sen University
  • Research Project: Mu2e
Mikhail Yurov

Award Year 2017

Carla Bonifazi
Zackaria Chacko
Steven Dytman
Will Flanagan
Lawrence Gibbons
Simona Giovannella
Xiao Luo
Luke Pickering
Lee Roberts
Pavel Snopok
Alex Sousa

Award Year 2016

David Brown
Anna Driutti
Renee Fatemi
Carlo Ferrari
Andrew Furmanski
Jaromir Kaspar
Ernesto Kemp
Gianantonio Pezzullo
Kazuhiro Terao
Gustavo do Amaral Valdiviesso

Award Year 2015

Antoine Chapelain
Daniel Cronin-Hennessy
Christopher Grant
Or Hen
Jonathan Insler
David Kawall
Alysia Marino
Nicola McConkey
Alexander Mikhailichenko
Michael Mooney
Ryan Nichol
Mayly Sanchez
Ivano Sarra
Erik Swanson
Jennifer Thomas

Award Year 2014

Matthew Bass
Andrew Blake
Marjorie Corcoran
Rajesh Gandhi
Ornella Palamara
Alexey Petrov
Xilin Zhang

Award Year 2013

Flavio Cavanna
Breese Quin
Thomas Strauss
Patricia Vahle