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CKM (Charged Kaons at the Main-Injector) is a fixed target experiment at Fermilab designed to measure the branching ratio of the rare charged kaon standard model decay K+ -> pi+ nu nubar.

The Experiment

Physics - The CKM Physics goals in words and pictures.
Masthead - The current CKM author list
Collaborators - Names, addresses, phone numbers and Links to collaboration members' personal web pages
Detector - Description and status of the detector and other useful information
Proposal - CKM's submissions to and interactions with the Fermilab PAC
Publications - Published papers, talks and preprints
Fermilab Workbook entry - Short description of CKM for the Fermilab Research Program Workbook
Superconducting RF Cavity R&D - about the SCRF (some links protected)
Jlab VVS testbeam website clone - CKM's work space (some links protected)
CKM at Work - CKM's work space (some links protected)
Approval CKM was granted Scientific (Stage I) approval on June 28, 2001

Physics Resources

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