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The CKM Physics Goals

Reach on the rho-eta plane
The rho-eta plane with expected measurements of the 4 theoretically clean observables:
     K0   --> pi0 nu nu_bar	KOPIO 
     K+   --> pi+ nu nu_bar	BNL787/949, CKM    
     Bd_0 --> Psi Ks		CDF, Dzero, Babar, Belle, ...
     Bs/Bd    mixing		CDF, Dzero, ...

Complete rho-eta plane
All measurements on the rho-eta plane
Expected Signal
The CKM signal and backgrounds expected from 2 years of running. The quanity plotted is the mass-sqaured of the neutral system recoiling against the pi+. This is the pi_0 mass for Kpi2 and less than that for the signal.

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