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Wednesday September 24 through Friday September 26
All shifts began in shutdown.

On Monday I wrongly reported that Main Injector (MI) vacuum problems had caused Recycler troubles. The Recycler had problems, but it was with their vacuum readbacks whenever the MIVAC system was rebooted.

On Wednesday a Booster expert reported a LCW leak. Water technicians repaired the leak. (See picture on the right.)

At 4 AM on Friday, Fermilab suffered a power glitch due to feeder 37. The Duty Electrician reported that four feeders went down. CHL and the Tevatron service buildings were two of the areas without power. Operations called in the High Voltage expert. Two cryo techs were also called in to recover the cryo system. By 6:30 AM, the High Voltage expert had the power system back up. The line break that caused the problem will be repaired later.


Everything is on schedule for our October 18th turn-on. Many small jobs, like work on the damper and beam whacker, have been completed. Our only concern so far is that the prototype RF cavities might not be ready, but we hope to install at least one.

One of the Booster jobs was to install three new collimators. They have been installed and here are pictures showing two of the collimators in place.

The above picture is a view looking down stream.

The above picture is a view looking up stream.

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